The Undercrown Manifesto is one of those sticks that has to be seen to be believed. Also known as the Krump, it takes its name after the person that provided Drew Estate with the molds needed to produce the sticks. You may be wondering why a firmly established company like Drew Estate would need a mold from an individual. The reason is, this is no ordinary mold. It is designed to produce sticks in an 11 x 40 size, making it something like a Super Lancero mold. Drew Estate does have plans to release the stick to the public, but as of now, it has only been available overseas and during Drew Estate events.

The blend details are preliminary, so they are only vaguely known. However, those who have smoked this cigar are convinced it is made with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and Liga Privada no. 9 binders and fillers. Of course, the thing that stands out about it is its size. At nearly a foot long and with a tiny 40 ring gauge, it looks like someone extruded the cigar through a machine to thin it out. The Undercrown Manifesto is medium brown, and for such a long smoke, it is smooth and tightly wrapped. Some people who have attended Drew Estate events have been given a box of the cigars, though there are only two or three to a box.


The initial third, which lasts nearly as long as a standard cigar, kicks immediately with some powerful white pepper according to the lucky reviewers. It is backed up by a creaminess and some strong cedar and coffee notes. The white pepper is especially noticeable through the nose. A couple inches in, some additional wood notes show up and help flesh out the profile some more. One reviewer commented on how chewy the smoke was and how much texture it provides to the experience.

During the middle third of the Undercrown Manifesto, the white pepper ramps up in strength on the retrohale
. One look at the cigar, and it may not seem like it’s capable of peppery punchiness, but it was said to make a smoker sweat. The coffee and cedar notes are also present, though the coffee is what steals the show. One reviewer stated that the coffee note was so powerful that the cigar almost had an essence of coffee taste to it. Other flavors in the second third include sweet earth and Graham cracker flavors.

In the final third, the stick is reported to produce several flavors, including natural sweetness, cedar, white pepper, citrus peel, and the same Graham cracker note. The white pepper moves from the retrohale to the palate and challenges the smoke. Once it enters the home stretch, the stick starts producing butter, berries and dried fruit notes. The smoke finishes off with this range of flavors, and though it gets close to medium full at times, it’s really a medium stogie throughout.

It may sound hard to believe, but the burn and draw are superb, an impressive feat given the cigar’s dimensions. It is important, though, to keep in mind that the blend details may change before the stick is officially launched to the public. As long as the blend isn’t modified too heavily, though, the smoke is sure to be a major success.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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