Buy A Turrent Triple Play CigarsHow would you describe A Turrent Triple Play cigars? Would you explain to everyone that while you first experience a floral sort of taste, it gives way to something much more powerful that you would typically find in a maduro about midway through, yet it remains a lighter taste throughout? Would you gush about the San Andreas Morron wrapper, or about its amazing Connecticut broadleaf binder? Perhaps you would go into detail about the rich Nicaraguan long leaf tobacco filler. Maybe you might find that A Turrent Triple Play cigars are absolutely, divinely devoid of any description that is able to be given with mere words.

There are a variety of sizes to choose from when opting for an A Turrent Triple Play cigar. They are: The 6" x 60 gran toro, the 4" x 60 short belicoso, the 6 1/8" x 54 belicoso, the 6" x 54 toro and the 4 1/2" x 54 robusto.

Reviews have shown that the favorable aromatic hints of floral and toffee notes linger nicely in combination with some harsher overtones that are typical for a younger cigar. As it ages, the A Turrent Triple Play cigar will lose the harshness and give way to the other flavors.

Other reviews have featured that the A Turrent Triple Play cigar may have an irregular burn line, but it will smoke evenly and flawlessly even still. It is reported to have a great draw, and generates a great volume of smoke with no problem whatsoever. Still other reviews report that this cigar has a buttery smooth draw with an oily sheen on the cigar. It features a dark brown overall look, and is perfectly packed with no soft spots.

The first third is described in reviews as having a sweet cedar taste with just the perfect blend of spiciness. The second third of the cigar gives way to a much more powerful taste, which quickly transitions from a medium cigar into the full flavored complexity of a full bodied cigar. The final third of the cigar showed hints of coffee, mixed with sweet cedar and butter cream. The entire cigar was 90 minutes in duration from start to finish, while of course this will vary depending on what size you select.

Other reviewers admit to tasting degrees of cinnamon, dark chocolate, espresso, and hints of cherry. The ash and burn were once again described as being flawless. Some reviewers report a hint of leather, and barbecued almonds can be found about midway through the second third of the cigar.

Everyone who provided a review concluded that it definitely rated a ten on a scale of one to ten for construction and appearance. The highest rating was also given for flavor complexity. Many of those reviewed said they had a hard time putting it down, and that the last third of the cigar was the most enjoyable by far. The strength was rated between medium and full bodied, and the overall experience was also given the highest rating of a 10.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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