\r\n Buy San Lotano Mayimbe Torpedo Cigars OnlineThe San Lotano and Mayimbe lines are some of the many premium cigars that are produced with the help of A.J. Fernandez Cigars. Both offer rewarding smoking experiences. The latter is a limited production that was released in September of 2013. The long and rich Cuban history of the company is evident to cigar aficionados that have experience with quality blends.
\r\n The San Lotano opened the door for Mayimbe to be a competitively priced, premium cigar in this small volume release. Typically, a cigar that can be purchased inexpensively online will be harder to find in a brick and mortar store. It wasn’t until AJ Fernandez produced the San Lotano, which performed equally well in store and online, that the Mayimbe became possible.
\r\n This limited edition offering of the San Lotano and Mayimbe are hand rolled in the Tabacalera Fernandez factory that is located in Estelí, Nicaragua. The finesse that went into balancing the flavors in the blend of this full body, full strength cigar was skillful. The wrapper is a Pennsylvania Broadleaf Select. The binder is a tobacco from Nicaragua.
\r\n The filler is comprised of Nicaraguan and Honduran leaves from private reserves. The offerings from each country provide a different taste to the overall flavor profile.
\r\n The quality of the Mayimbe and its delicious flavor profile make this an excellent smoke to try. Reviewers considered it to have a unique and flavorful cold draw. There are touches of citrus, orange, lemon, spice, and gingerbread type sweetness. After being lit, the flavors are complex, intense, varied, and they complement one another. Reviewers state that the first-third has leather, cedar, pepper, lemon, and cocoa flavors present. During the second-third of the smoke, the flavors shift to include nuttiness while the pepper wans. The final third is mainly composed of nutty and citrus flavors.
\r\n Since the shape, thickness and length of a cigar can affect the smoke production and flavors; this limited edition is rolled in four sizes. Each is available in handsome wooden boxes of 10. All of the vitolas have the same 56 ring gauge, but differ in length and shape. The Churchill is 7 inches, while the Robusto is 5 inches. The Torpedo and the Toro are both 6 inches. There are only 2,500 boxes of each vitola being made.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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