The Vega Fina Nicaraguan Cigar Online ReviewLast year, Altadis debuted the Vega Fina Nicaraguan at the German Inter Tabac show. Soon after the show, the cigar was released to European aficionados, an expected move as the brand has long been most popular in Europe. However, it is gaining real traction stateside, and Altadis is pouring a lot of their efforts into the line, hoping to raise it to prominence. It’s well on its way, and with yet another puro to add to its deep portfolio, Altadis has hit pay dirt once again.

Although the cigar is a puro, it is actually manufactured in the Dominican, at the Tabacalera de Garcia. The wrapper is a Habana grown in Jalapa, the binder a Jalapan Seco, and fillers from Esteli and Jalapa. It is only available in a few formats, including a Short Corona (4 5/16 x 42), a Robusto (5 x 50) and a Gran Toro (6 x 52). The wrapper is different in that it has an orange hue, but it is smooth, slightly oily and nice to look at. It is also double banded, with the primary silver and black band showing off the brand mark. The secondary band is silver, black and orange and displays the name of the stick in cursive type. The cold draw on the Vega Fina Nicaraguan produces some dried fruit, baker’s spice and earth, according to reviewers.

The first third of the cigar launches with a bit of black pepper, and though it is all alone at first, the pepper is not powerful enough to consider it a real pepper bomb. Instead, it works the pepper in gently and soon ushers it to the retrohale. Soon enough, the dried fruit and earth detected on the cold draw find their way into the mix. The earth is particularly strong and soon dominates the profile. The black pepper is also present, though it is slowly transitioned into a red pepper flavor, giving it multiple looks.

During the middle third of the Vega Fina Nicaraguan, the earth flavor still remains supreme and the rest of the flavors fall in line
. The fruit and pepper play tug of war for a primary position of their own, each spending some time next to the earth notes. The dance between the two flavors creates a succulent sweet and spicy combination that many reviewers considered unique.

In the final third of the cigar, the fruit takes a step back and switches into a tertiary role. The earth is still the primary note in the profile, and is soon joined by a spice note that delivers a little heat into the mix. The cigar continues in this fashion until burning down to a cool, firm nub.

It’s a mild to medium smoke, which is no surprise as other sticks in the line have followed this pattern. And though it does require the occasional touch up to keep the line straight, the cigar performs well and offers a nice volume of smoke along with its strong flavors.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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