The Quesada Reserva Privada Cigars Review OnlineThe Quesada Reserva Privada cigars are another notch in the company’s belt, and like many of the brand’s stogies, it was first debuted at the ProCigar Festival based out of the Dominican Republic. In the past, the company has used the festival as a primary spot to showcase its new blends, and this one grabbed a lot of attention this year. It’s marketed as a top premium stick, and it lives up to the billing. The power behind the blend comes from a special 1997 harvest of San Vicente tobacco.

The harvest was stored away, intended for a special purpose in the future. Its defining feature was the Cosheca Pareja, which refers to a uniform plant height throughout the crop. A uniform plant height means that the entire crop received an equal amount of nutrients throughout, so the harvest is marked by its consistency and robustness. Manuel Quesada, the company’s owner, handed the tobacco off to his daughters to help find a purpose for it, and that they did.

The stogie is produced with an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, a Dominican San Vicente (1997 harvest) binder and a pair of fillers, including a Pennsylvanian Ligero and the 1997 Cosecha Pareja Vicente (also 1997 harvest). The Quesada Reserva Privada cigars are aged for a full year before they are rolled as well, giving the flavors additional time to marry together. The wrapper is smooth and has a healthy golden brown color. The seams are hidden, and though there are a few veins present, they are thin and faint. The black, white and gold band is minimalistic. It features the brand mark, a simple tobacco leaf drawing, along with the name of the blend and the location of the factory that rolls it.

The cold draw on the Quesada Reserva Privada cigars consists of some wood, pepper, floral sweetness and a flavor one reviewer described as cotton candy. Once lit, the flavors assume a classic Connecticut Shade, with black pepper, cream and wood making up the foundation. Before long, the floral sweetness detected on the cold draw emerges and joins the cream flavor up front. The pepper moves to the retrohale and the wood note, which transitions to a cedar flavor, fills out the background.

During the middle third of the stogie, the floral sweetness changes to a berry sweetness, and remains a dominant note with the cream
. The cedar and pepper are still secondary, though there is some cedar present on the retrohale as well.

In the final third of the stick, the cream slips into the background while the cedar and pepper jump to the front with the berry sweetness
. It’s an interesting mix of sweet and spicy, and the stogie offers a lot more life near the nub than most other sticks do.

It’s a beautifully rolled stogie that starts out as a mild-medium and transitions to a solid medium by the end
. And really, there’s nothing to complain about. From start to finish, it’s a superb experience that deserves the spotlight it is getting.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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