Padilla Signature 1932 CigarsThe Padilla Signature 1932 cigars are a limited edition produced stogie created by Ernesto Padilla. It was made in honor of the memory of his father’s birth year. They are rolled as a Lancero vitola, or the rolling format, filled with Nicaraguan leaf fillers and binders. At the typical price of around $13, these Padilla Signature 1932 cigars are perfect for daily enjoyment.

Rolled consistently with low tobacco, each finish is unique and flavorful. Reviewers stated that with less nicotine, the stogie produces a fine smoke with minimal harshness on the throat. The first way to tell if a stogie is going to smoke evenly is to judge the construction of it. If constructed properly, there should be no lumps, nor should the stogie be too soft or too firm. The Lancero format is made with a little less tobacco and given a longer length to produce a better blended flavor. The length is 7 inches by a 39 ring gauge. The wrapper is made from a Nicaraguan leaf that has been aged in oak barrels for several years. Each produces a rich brown color with a nice sheen of oil. The filler makes the stogie mildly soft but consistent. This rolled tobacco was noted by reviewers to always smoke evenly. It was also noted that it produced a proper ring of ash around the foot. From head to foot, it showed a consistent line of tobacco. The Padilla Signature 1932 cigars are known for their subtleties in different flavors as the aficionado passes through each third.

As any cigar enthusiast knows, the next best way to judge a stogie is by quality. In order to know the quality of a brand, one must look to its reputation. On the sites for the Padilla Signature 1932 cigars, one can read many reviews on its popularity. In the first third of this particular stick, it was said to light evenly and produce a thick, creamy smoke. The first third leaves a smooth feeling on the palate, tasting notes of leather with hints of spices and wood. In the second third, the body keeps its kick without overpowering the flavors. At this point, it was said to become mildly sweet, losing much of the leathery flavoring. The final third was noted as bringing out the nicely aged tobacco flavors, with an intense spice. People everywhere agree that this offering is flavorful from start to finish. This stick was commented upon many times over for being impeccably rolled, as very few businesses are actually allowed to roll the Lancero vitola.

Like any good cigar, it must be well constructed with a respectable reputation. Rolled consistently and long, the Padilla Signature 1932 cigars pack a bit of a punch with perfectly balanced notes of sweetness. Produced in Miami, this stogie was made for cigar lovers to enjoy anytime they choose. Whether needing to unwind after work, to accompany a good meal, or enjoy with a favorite nightcap, reviewers felt this was an enjoyable stick to suit any situation.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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