A Review Of The Padilla Cava Cigar By ErnestoThe Padilla Cava cigar is a triumphant homage to Ernesto’s father, Heberto Padilla. Heberto was a well-known poet during his time in Cuba and was imprisoned by Fidel Castro for nine years. As a way to pay respect to Heberto and writers everywhere, the stick will feature a poem written by Heberto on the stick’s foot band. The tobaccos in this smoke are almost lyrical as well, creating a symphony of flavors that are well-realized and developed over the course of the stick.

An Ecuadorian Habano wrapper covers the Padilla Cava cigar, and it is completed with a Nicaraguan binder and fillers. The medium brown wrapper is mostly smooth though there are a couple large veins coursing down the length of the stick. The smoke has two bands, including the band mentioned above that features one of Heberto’s poems. It is larger than the primary band, which shows off a stoic looking lion in stamped gold on brown and red. The whole package suggests family pride. The smoke comes in four vitolas, including a couple fat ones. They include a 5 x 50, a 6 x 60, a 7 x 70 and an 8 x 60. The cold draw brings forth leather, wood, grass and distinct barnyard flavors. 

The first third of the Padilla Cava cigar puts out a combination of earth, hay, leather, barnyard and baker’s spice flavors. There is also a touch of black pepper on the retrohale though it soon moves to the palate and grows in intensity right away. Once it dials back again, the baker’s spice and a general sweetness fill its place, along with the earth and hay flavors. And though the leather notes make the occasional impression, they are strictly secondary at this point.

In the second third of the stick, a combination of cream and vanilla emerge and play major roles in the profile. The leather, hay, and earth are still present as well though they remain in the background. However, reviewers also noted the presence of peanuts, dark cocoa, and even some popcorn. It’s a complex profile, to be sure, and it blends sweet and salty perfectly.

The last third of the Padilla Cava cigar continues with the vanilla and cream up front. In this part of the stick, the earth, dark cocoa and leather stick to the background, while the hay and peanut notes make an occasional bid for the top position as well. The popcorn has faded out completely, and the stogie finishes off with this combination of flavors, ending with a smooth, gentle finish.

It’s a steady medium throughout and produces an effortless draw along with a steady burn. In all, it is clear that Ernesto put a lot of love into this blend, and it is a beautiful tribute to his father.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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