La Aurora 1495 Series CigarReviews are in on the line of La Aurora 1495 cigars, and they are extraordinary. The oily Sumatra wrapper is medium brown and only has a couple of thick veins. The tight roll is free of soft spots or mushiness, and the smell is said to have an earthy aroma with hints of sweetness. Most reviewers claim that the tight roll does not make for a tough draw, and the even burn adds to the superiority of the stick. Almost on the mild side of medium in strength, the tobacco is a rich flavor sensation that is admired and appreciated by all levels of smokers.

Reviewers agreed that the first third introduces a cream and sweet caramel with the slightest hints of spice. The gray ash is light enough to be attractive, and the burn is very even. The tightness found in the initial assessment does not hinder the draw whatsoever. Rich clouds of caramel smelling smoke rose with each puff of this exceptional stick. Of course, the feel of it coupled with the sweet flavors has made it a favorite among reviewers. The first third was said to be rather mild in strength.

The transition from the first to the second third brings in a bit of a toast flavor with the spice remaining slight and in the background. The smoothness of the transition is said to be top notch, and the strength begins to be a bit stronger.

The second third is definitely seeing a raise in the strength from mild to a steady medium-body. The creamy flavor is now mixed with a bit of toasted nuts akin to walnuts. The spice is a little more prevalent, especially towards the end of the second third. La Aurora 1495 cigars are favored in part because of the flavor and in part because of the construction. It has a steady ash that will not fall until it is time. The grayish smoke rises steadily and is a sweet smelling and pleasurable experience.

According to reviews the final third is going to see a sharp increase in the strength. This stage is a medium-bodied strength, and surprisingly the final third produces a very drastic change in flavors from the sweetness of the first two thirds. While the tobaccos are sweet in nature, the final third has an almost Corojo blend of flavors. The pepper is stronger with a lot of earthy tones. These La Aurora 1495 cigars are definitely going to provide the smoker with a unique complexity.

Each of the La Aurora 1495 cigars is a complex blend of flavors and strengths. Not often does a stogie come along that provides the smoker with strength ranging from mild to medium, and flavors ranging from sweet to earthy. The construction is phenomenal with a nice oily wrapper that burns evenly, accentuating the experience. Even the strength of the ash ensures fewer burns as it holds on until tapped.

Some may wonder if the La Aurora 1495 cigars are easy to find. Good news! They are not a limited edition meaning they are generally easy to find at a favorite cigar shop. Ordering online helps guarantee availability while maintaining the lowest possible price. Whether giving a stick or two to a friend for a birthday or wanting to enhance a personal collection, these stick provide a cost effective way for the smoker to obtain a superior stogie.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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