JFR Corojo Super Toro Cigars For Sale Online

The JFR Corojo 99 Super Toro cigar is from manufacturer Tabacalaera Tropical. The tobacco is supplied from Casa Fernandez, a 30-year old Nicaraguan company with a vast reputation for quality tobacco products. Though relatively difficult to acquire, the JFR Corojo 

99 Super Toro cigar is a surprising experience. If one is willing to scratch around for a box, they can expect to be rewarded with a sweet and spicy smoke with a long and satisfying finish, without a steep price. Call To Order This Cigar

The origins of the JFR cigars are a sort of mystery, waving a lofty myth about Jose “Don Pepin” Garcia. Don Pepin is regarded as a master roller and a “tobacco magician”, and suspected to have blended the first offerings from this company. Tradition states that Pedro Martin, another well-known tobacco giant, made a getaway from the Castro regime of Cuba in the 1960's and joined the American tobacco industry. He fully integrated into this industry around 1978 with a company called Tropical Tobacco. Fast-forward to 2001, 

where Don Pepin also leaves Cuba, finds an employer which happens to be the very same Tropical Tobacco, now known as Tabacalera Tropical. Whether this pedigree is all true or not is still unclear due to the reported unresponsiveness of Tabacalera, but it remains an intriguing bit of business surrounding the sticks themselves.


The JFR stands for “Just For Retailers”, which means just that—made solely for sale by authorized quality tobacco retail stores. In other words, they are not readily available everywhere. Of course, this method simply would not work if the core product weren't of great quality, and the JFR Corojo 99 Super Toro cigar assuredly is, with the benefit of a growing prestige built without advertisement and growing popularity.

As for the cigar itself, what draws most smokers to the JFR Corojo 99 Super Toro cigar initially is the modest packaging with an oily sheen and a triple-wrapped pig tail head. It is formed with Nicaraguan tobacco, made in Honduras, and is packed fairly well at a 6½ x 52 size. It’s described as having some bumps and soft spots here and there, and almost odorless save for a leather aroma. Reviewers state that it has a good draw and an easy light. The first half is reported to have a lot of complexity almost immediately. It also has a sweet and nutty overtone with a continued leathery aroma, later gaining some coffee and woody personalities. The sweetness gains texture and intensifies as one progresses, starting smooth and becoming spicier, with a good bit of strength for those who may not be used to Nicaraguans, but overall meshes well with the sweetness of the initial half with lasting aftertaste. Most reviewers of this offering describe it as a quality medium-bodied smoke having a cool, even burn with a firm white ash.

The overwhelming positivity surrounding this line, and especially the JFR Corojo 99 Super Toro cigar, is an assuring sign that quality and affordable price combined with word-of-mouth is still a powerful force of business. These cigars have proven that they can become a high demand item and virtually sell themselves without extensive advertising.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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