A Review Of The Flores y Rodrigues 10th Anniversary Cigars By PDRMilestones are big in the tobacco industry, and the Flores y Rodrigues 10th Anniversary cigars celebrate a big one for Abe and his PDR brand. During PDR’s first decade, the company released a number of celebrated blends that have landed on many industry and publication lists. Specifically, this blend pays homage to the decade-long collaboration between Abe and the Rodrigues brothers, a partnership that has paid major dividends for both sides. In fact, PDR transitioned to a much larger factory in 2011, giving the young brand much more of a presence among aficionados. 

The Flores y Rodrigues 10th Anniversary cigars are made with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, a Dominican Olor binder and fillers that include a Nicaraguan Jalapa and a Piloto Cubano, aged seven years. It comes in three sizes, all of them a classic Cuban. They include a 5 x 52 Robusto, a 5 1/8 x 58 Wide Churchill and a 6 x 54 Gran Toro. The wrapper is dry and smooth, with a number of small spider veins. The stick comes with a double band, the primary band a stamped white on green featuring the name of the PDR partners and finished with a coat of arms design. The secondary band is gold on black and consists of the blend’s name. The cold draw has earth, cocoa, and even a little yeast.

The first third of the Flores y Rodrigues 10th Anniversary cigars launches with a mix of complex flavors, with some spice, vanilla, cream, wood and yeast eventually separating from the rest of the pack. These flavors swirl and dance around for the first handful of draws until the spice and cream cement as the strong notes in the mix. The vanilla and wood act in a secondary role while the yeast is more of a tertiary flavor at this point. 

In the second third of the Flores y Rodrigues 10th Anniversary cigars, the spice dials back a bit and moves into the background. The vanilla flavor moves into its vacated spot, giving the profile a sweet, creamy vanilla mix of notes. The yeast is a bit more noticeable in this part of the stogie, but it is still a subtle secondary note at most. The wood notes are still present as well and fill out the background, giving the profile a little more body.

During the final third of the Flores y Rodrigues 10th Anniversary cigars, the remaining spice notes drop out completely and the profile levels out into a gentle mix of cream, vanilla and some new leather notes. The stick finishes off this way and gives the smoker a nice spot to land. 

Until the last couple inches, the stick is a firm medium-full and quite complex, providing smokers with a nice challenge. As the stogie enters the home stretch, though, it expertly pulls back and drops down to a straight down the middle medium. The burn and draw are beautiful, something aficionados have come to expect from PDR, and it is just the perfect stick to commemorate a partnership that smokers everywhere have benefited from for years.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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