Consumers of the Oliveros classic Cameroon wrapped cigars love the full, bold flavor, the smooth burn, and the draw it helps create. These smokes have been around for a very long time and have many different styles and flavors to choose from. The Churchill, Corona, Toro, and Torpedo are somes of the cigars that feature this particular wrapper. These cigars are produced in two different locations: The Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. The Oliveros classic Cameroon  really is the centerpiece of this group of smokes.

The Churchill is one of the lines wrapped with  the cameroon wrapper. People who smoke this cigar seem to love the dark brown appearance it has. The feel of it is perfect. It’s just the right texture that makes everyone enjoy it. The first and most dominate flavor that most people taste when smoking this cigar is a buttery toast flavor, which fades into a pleasant nut-like flavor with a hint of sweetness mixed in there. The Oliveros classic Cameroon  provides the perfect burn pace and creates a lot of smoke.

The Corona is a cigar with a vintage leather taste. It has a nice firm draw with an excellent burn that allows the consumer to enjoy it for a very long time. The tobacco is packed nice and tight so that both, the flavor and draw, are wonderful. This is a good looking cigar that tastes just as good as it looks. It doesn’t have a stout flavor like many cigars do. On that same note, it isn’t absent of flavor either.

Another Oliveros classic Cameroon cigar is the Toro. This is another great looking cigar that consumers are going on about. It starts off with a nice, smooth flavor, but by the time the smoker gets to the middle of it, it climaxes. The middle section has this superb blast of flavor. The easiest way to explain this cigar is by saying that is just another fantastic product by a fantastic company.

The Torpedo is a very respectable cigar that everyone who has tried it seems to thoroughly enjoy. As always, it looks great and is packaged very well. The construction of this product is nice and sturdy. It has a steady and even burn so the consumer can be sure to enjoy it for a while. When this cigar is first lit, it has a burst of spice and flavor that quickly dies down to a more soothing taste. There isn’t a dominate flavor that stands out for most people. It is just a good, solid blend of all the flavors which creates an elite taste all in itself. It is considered a great value overall to all its consumers.

The Oliveros classic Cameroon is made of the highest quality and are one of the most expensive wrappers available. The original leaf used came from West Africa, but more recently, seeds have spread to places such as Ecuador. Only the best companies opt to use this pristine leaf for their cigar wrappers. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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