La Flor Dominicana Casa De Tobacos CigarThe concept of this cigar, La Flor Dominicana Casa de Tobacos, lies within the actual growing process of tobacco. Once the leaves are harvested, they are taken to a huge hut or house that is reserved for this process. Once inside, the leaves are first carefully examined with only the finest specimens being chosen to go on though the drying and aging process. While most aficionados will never travel to a growing region to see this type of structure, it is nice to have a visual idea of how the company came about such a beautiful name. In celebration of the name, the box that these sticks arrive in look like a tobacco barn that would be found on any growing farm. It is also a functional humidor, complete with a drawer below to store accessories such as cigar cutters and lighters.

The La Flor Dominicana Casa de Tobacos cigar is an Air Bender Maduro. This great blend is fabulous and enjoyed by many aficionados. It is described as being the best size, which is 6 ½ x 54. It is also described as a full bodied stick which is sure to please. It sports a binder that is Dominican, as is the filler. The wrapper is a Brazilian Habano that is a very dark and rich leaf. All of the reviewers give it well over a ninety rating, which is very high and indicative of the quality of this cigar. When Tony Gomez was asked about the flavor profile, he simply said that this cigar was similar to others that the company makes as far as the flavor profile is concerned. He also said that this is the first time that they have used this type of a wrapper, a Brazilian Habano. He said that it adds a very different amount of character and aromatic quality to this new offering. He went on to say that during the production of the La Flor Dominicana Casa de Tobacos, as well as all of the other lines that they produce, quality is far more important than quantity.

Reviewers all said that the cigar was very pleasing to the eye with little to no veins present. The aroma on the body of the stick was one that was earthy and woodsy. The pre-light draw added a lot of rich molasses flavor to the mix that was very pleasing but not overly sweet. They noted that once the cigar is lit, a very enjoyable spiciness adds to the molasses and then gives way to a very nice wood flavor like that of cedar. There are also undertones of semi sweetness like that found in cocoa. The La Flor Dominicana Casa de Tobacos stayed with this flavor profile throughout the duration, from the pre-light to the nub.

With all of the earthiness and woodsy notes, it is easy to see that La Flor Dominicana Casa de Tobacos is a very enjoyable cigar. The box that is a humidor sets the tone for the very aromatic and pleasurable treasures that await the aficionado. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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