Alec Bradley American Classic Cigars For Sale Online.The Alec Bradley American Classic Toro, measuring 6 x 50, has a Honduran Connecticut wrapper, and a Honduran and Nicaraguan blend for the filler and binder. Though the title indicates that it has a Connecticut shade wrapper, the truth is that they not always grown in the U.S., but rather elsewhere from Connecticut seed. Such is the case with the Alec Bradley American Classic’s golden brown wrapper that is slightly leathery to the touch.

Online sources seem to agree that this smoke is not only good in looks, though, but also that it is truly a classic cigar. This stogie has great flavor and the perfect construction one would expect of collaboration with Davidoff. It starts out smoothly and lightly, slowly gaining very complex undertones as the flavor darkens. The flavor and strength intensifies as the smoke progresses, and although it is supposed to be mild-medium strength, it is on the strong side, particularly if it is the first smoke of the day. Many cigar smoking aficionados find the price of these premium cigars quite surprising—but on the pleasant side. Given the quality of these great smokes, it is commonly asserted that the low price does not reflect the high quality of this line. At least one reviewer said he would expect to have to pay twice as much for the Alec Bradley American Classic—making great smokes available for everyone, even those with tight budgets. This line has raised the bar for reasonably priced, high quality cigars, and it is to be hoped that this will soon become an industry trend.

As for some of the details that describe the quality of these premium cigars: the beauty of the wrapper’s color sets the stage for what is to come; it is a little darker than many other Connecticut Shade wrappers. Under good light, it has the nice sheen associated with high quality smokes, and it is a perfectly hand rolled cigar. Packed well, it had no soft spots. The Alec Bradley American Classic’s foot is said to provide cedar notes and a luxurious richness, while the un-lit draw has the same characteristics, but maximized.

After lighting with a trusty torch lighter, the flavorful, mild stogie progressed toward becoming a medium smoke, adding some nut flavor in the second third. Towards the end, a touch of richness was lost, but the classic notes of cedar, earth, and nuts remained. Smokers often extol this medium strength smoke’s delicious flavors of cream, dark chocolate and nuts that lead to a creamy, rich finish usually found only in brands that are more expensive.

When discussing the burn of these smokes, the price once again becomes a factor as many reviewers noted that though one might expect such a reasonably priced product to burn quickly, that had definitely not been the case here. There was a carbon line, but the line of burn itself was perfectly even. Smokers in heavily taxes areas are raving about a cigar that smokes better than its cost, rather than the alternative, which is only too common in such regions. The unexpected price to quality comparison of this line will almost certainly lead to more box purchases, and at least one reviewer noted that the Alec Bradley American Classic would be a personal future box purchase, and has prompted him to re-review other products in light of this great affordable cigar.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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