601 Cubao CigarPepin Garcia is known for complex and rich stogies with the 601 Cubao cigar leading the pack in originality and strength. This full-bodied experience is not for the faint of heart, but for the smoker that enjoys a good, robust stick at the end of the day, this is the perfect addition to the humidor. This popular stogie is manufactured in Esteli, Nicaragua, under the watchful eye of creator Pepin Garcia, insuring high-quality at an affordable price.

The wrapper is a deep dark chocolate color hailing from the rich soils of Ecuador. Aged to perfection, the wrapper is an outstanding way to start the full body experience. A quick smell has been said to elicit a nutmeg and leather combination that hints of the spicy flavors to come. The complexity of the 601 Cubao cigar starts with the first impression, and this stick makes an extraordinary first impression to all levels of smokers with its rich Sumatra wrapper.

The filler of this stick is an aged to perfection combination of tobaccos from the fertile soils of Nicaragua. Even the binder has roots in those dark soils of Nicaragua. What makes these tobaccos unique is the aging process that is handled personally by Pepin Garcia to insure excellence with every hand-rolled stogie.

What do reviewers have to say about the 601 Cubao cigar?

Reviewers and critics alike collectively agree that this is one stick that deserves to be in anyone’s personal humidor. The medium to full-bodied experience is a delectable combination of smooth butter combined with spicy peppers. The flavorful sensation is noted as not being overpowering but allowing the marvelous aroma to seep through to the senses. This stick has been given accolades by many aficionados, making it a highly prized offering for any smoker, regardless of their expertise.

The first third is a unique combination of buttery spices that offer up flavors of dark licorice and coffee, making the first draw fantastic. Reviewers also comment on the leathery notes that are almost hidden in a slight aftertaste. While the first third is a strong medium-bodied experience, it promises of the good things to come. Many said that it remained lit and even passed the ten minute test without a need for relighting.

The second third is a smooth transition from the buttery spice to a much stronger red spice. However, the leathery tones seem to slightly calm the spice, offering a smoother spice note with the flavors of dark espresso in the forefront. Better flavors have never been had, claims one enthusiastic reviewer.

The finality of the 601 Cubao cigar has been described as being as astounding as that first impression. By the final third, the stogie is a full-bodied smoking experience that leaves a strong taste of spice and creamy coffee. The ash has held true throughout, and the burn was even. There was no need to relight throughout the entire cigar.

Deciding on a single stick is never an easy task, but the 601 Cubao cigar is one that comes highly recommended. These Pepin Garcia creations provide a complete experience for the smoker, combining superior techniques with flavorful tobaccos. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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