Rocky Patel HR 500 Cigars OnlineThe Rocky Patel HR 500 cigar is a celebratory stogie commemorating the 500th homerun of Gary Sheffield, and is only available in the Toro size. The flavorful blend starts at a medium-body and ends with a full-bodied strength, and the dark chocolate oily wrapper is well-constructed, holding an even burn. The commemorative box is as exceptionally constructed as the stogie, so these are a hit and going fast.

The dark wrapper is sun grown from an Ecuadorian Habano-seed, and once picked it is further aged under the sun. The wrapper is a dark chocolate color with minimal veins, but the oily sheen is beautiful and produces a smooth feel to the stogie. The aroma that comes from the foot smells strongly of hay, and the cold draw is a unique blend of spicy chocolate with hints of mellow mint with a construction that is neither too firm nor too soft. Smokers are impressed by the initial look and feel of this celebratory stick.

The binder is made from Honduran Jamastran tobacco, and the filler is a blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos. The tobacco has been carefully chosen to guarantee a unique minty chocolate blend, so not only is the box unique, but the tobacco is just as original. Each Rocky Patel HR 500 cigar is hand-rolled with care increasing the stability of the construction, and they are aged before sending to the reseller.

The stogie is reported to light easily, and the initial flavors of the first third are a spicy mint combination. After a few draws the minty tones are replaced by a green, floral profile, and the draw is proving to be exceptional with a spot on burn. The smoke is white and thick with a draw, and when resting, it is just a trickle. Towards the end of the first third, the Rocky Patel HR 500 cigar has a few new notes, including a slight flavor of dark cocoa and leather, and the floral profile is diminishing while the spice is starting to kick it up a notch.

The second third begins as smoothly and balanced as the first. There is a combination of leather and spice with floral tones, and the profile is well blended without one flavor dominating the stogie. The creamy richness is said to be savory, and the draw remains even and pleasant. Reviewers state the flavor is on the light side, but the strength is solidly medium. The smoke is thick and billows fragrantly from the Rocky Patel HR 500 cigar with reviewers stating that the smoke production is exceptional.

The flavors remain steady throughout the final third. The dark cocoa flavor increases a bit in the final third, and the woodsy tones have diminished to a pleasant undertone. The blend is deliciously light, and the full-body strength guarantees a strong finish. From start to finish, this Toro sized stogie is a 2 hour experience.

The commemorative box is definitely a pleaser, and it is also a humidor. For the baseball fan the box not only looks like a baseball, but the stitching and material on and inside the box make it feel like one as well. There is a metal plate attached to the top commemorating Gary Sheffield’s accomplishment. Once the stogies are enjoyed the box will continue working as a personal humidor for other favorite sticks. The Rocky Patel HR 500 cigar is definitely a must-have for the baseball fan and makes a great gift giving idea for special occasions.

The stogie was released September 15, 2012, and comes in a box of 20 sticks. The stogies are a great medium-bodied experience, and the commemorative box makes this a centerpiece in an office or home. Whether for giving to a friend or keeping for personal use, the Rocky Patel HR 500 cigar is sure to please any palate.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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