\r\n Pinar Del Rio Reserva CigarsThe Pinar Del Rio Reserva Dominicana cigar is reviewed as an exceptional series which offers a variety of flavor compositions that are sure to please any smoker. Abraham Flores's boutique cigar factory is located in the Dominican Republic where he closely oversees the production of the blends. Abe Flores met Juan Rodriguez and they instantly discovered a shared love of making fine cigars. At that time, Rodriguez had a family owned factory named Fabrica Don Leoncio located in Tamboril, Dominican Republic. Rodriguez and Flores did their research as to how they were going to enter into this highly competitive industry. They finally decided that the primary source for tobacco seed would be from the Pinar del Rio region in Cuba. Further research revealed that the brand name they gave their company was available. Thus, the name, their mission, and a functional factory birthed the Pinar Del Rio Reserva Dominicana cigar brand less than a decade ago.


\r\n This company may have started out producing only extremely limited editions, but as the success "rolled" in, so did the ability for expansion. Soon they were able to purchase a new factory and increase their production several times over what they had previously been able to do. They are currently the manufacturers of several other brands. Some of these are the noted Gurkha, Viper, and some for Molina.


\r\n The ever popular Churchill-sized Pinar Del Rio Reserva Dominicana cigar with an Oscura Red wrapper is said to be full bodied and is a Dominican Republic puro. This robust small production blend is loaded with a nice compilation of spices and produces a beautiful, thick smoke. The dark Habano Oscuro Dominican Republic wrapper encases a Habano seed binder. This blend consists of Corojo, Habano, and Criollo fillers. Its 7" x 54 sizing makes it nice for a long evening smoke according to many who tried them. One even said this was a great choice for a round of golf. Reviewers all stated that this complex smoke is one they would share with friends. It was also noted that a pairing with a nice Merlot or a snifter of brandy well suits the flavor notes found in this stick.


\r\n If the connoisseur is looking for something that is medium to full bodied in strength, he might want to try the Robusto sized Pinar Del Rio Reserva Dominicana cigar. These exquisitely handmade sticks have a nice complexity that delivers, even to well seasoned smokers. This stick has a Dominican long filler and binder, but sports a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper. It is a nicely sized 5" x 52 and is said to be perfect with a glass of wine after a satisfying dinner.


\r\n The Pinar Del Rio Reserva Dominicana cigar, Capa Oscura style, may have the appearance of a bold smoke, but the reviews rave at how surprisingly mild and well balanced it iss. This Double Robusto is 5" long and a ring size of 52. Reviewers state that this stick has a beautiful, dark, Habana Oscura wrapper that is oily and has a consistent firmness from cap to foot. This stick's appearance is what threw many reviewers off, making them expect a strong and spicy flavor profile. However, this stick is found to produce clean and smooth flavors that are well-balanced. Though all who tried it expected this one to be strong, the reviews gave it at most a medium bodied rating.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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