Partagas 1845 Cigars For Sale Online!Choosing Partagas 1845 cigars is a smart choice, whether because of its exceptional flavor or the manufacturer’s long history in the industry. Reviewers thoroughly appreciate the dark brown Ecuadoran wrapper and the specially aged Dominican filler tobaccos. This 167-year-old manufacturer fills every stogie with a long history and heritage that looks as spectacular as it tastes. In fact, this particular stick is one of the most popular styles and types of smokes on the market today.

The first thing aficionados notice with any stick is the appearance and the construction. There is a triple cap and an attractive golden eagle band displaying the excellence smokers expect with every Partagas stick. A gentle roll between the fingers does not turn up any soft spots, and the smoothness is highlighted with a couple small, fine veins. As noted by reviewers, the feel is ideal.

Those that have experienced this stick say there is a slight aroma of fresh hay upon first smell, combined with a touch of spice from the foot. The Habano wrapper is reminiscent of a fresh bale of hay and a slight hint of dark chocolate. Reviewers claim that the cold draw is a pleasant blend of fresh hay, spices, and woodsy goodness.

The filler is a combination of Dominican tobaccos and are wonderfully aged in a rum barrel. While the tobaccos may not have a rum flavor, the barrel aging process ensures a shorter aging time that gives ideal results. The filler is magnificently blended with a delicious combination of premium tobaccos.

Partagas 1845 cigars provide a rich, delectable smoothness from the first light. Flavors of country leather, spice, and a dark chocolate will place this stogie in a medium-bodied strength category. The enjoyment of the construction is evident from the beginning. The burn is said to be even with a solid grayish-colored ash that holds firm throughout the experience. No dropped ash to complain about, and thick plumes of aromatic smoke fill the air with a spicy wood aroma.

Transitioning from the first to second third introduces a sweet and salty mineral flavor that is noted as not being overbearing and does not overtake the hay. Partagas 1845 cigars provide the smoker with a unique complexity that pleases the senses. The second third has a stronger mineral sensation that is accentuated with dark cocoa and freshly cut wood. Reviewers say the richness definitely increases tremendously at this point as it continues to gain in strength through this part of the stick.

The transitioning of the second third to the final third introduces a full-bodied smoking experience with a slight decrease in the richness. Reviewers liked that the flavor also does a bit of a shift with the dark chocolate fading, and the mineral, sweet and spicy tastes present themselves. The wood and hay notes still play with the senses and remained relatively unchanged. Towards the very end, reviewers note that the Partagas 1845 cigars provide a bit of pepper to play with the existing profile.

The strong construction ensures this is a blend of tobaccos sure to be a favorite for any humidor. The manufacturer has a reputation in the industry based on a strong and long history. Partagas 1845 cigars are sure to please with their complex flavor blend brought by a reliable and reputable company that understands how to appease the harshest of critics or reviewers.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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