Origen Cigar By J Fuego The first thought that most people have when they first see a J Fuego Origen cigar is that it is really a rather unattractive stick. The explanation for its appearance dates back to the old methods of testing tobacco leafs. This was something that was rather old school but effective nonetheless. It involved using a raw leaf to hold the tobacco, and it was placed in the middle of the leaf as this was the only part of it that would hold. This left a stick that was rather on the plump side in the middle and skinnier on both ends. The smoke was then actually lit and smoked to see if it was fit to send on to the rollers to be produced. This was a testing method from generations ago, and that is how this smoke came to be.

The J Fuego Origen cigar is a more natural type of smoke that is presented in its purest form. The founder had allowed a friend to try one, and it was suggested that he offer them as part of his line and so it came to pass. So when you first see it, you will describe it as being extremely rough and rustic with lots of veins.

J Fuego Origen cigars come with a precut end. There is little distinction between the head and the foot. However, once you light it, you will discover an ample amount of smoke regardless of what it looks like.

The ash that these cigars produce is an extremely thick ash that is sort of salt and pepper colored, and it holds very well.

There really is no need to break a J Fuego Origen cigar down by thirds as the taste is consistent from start to finish and reminiscent of others in the Origen line of other sizes.

All reviewers comment that the look of the stick shouldn’t fool you for a second. If you try to judge it by its appearance, then once you light it you will find that you were completely mistaken. This one, as with all other offerings by the founder, offers up everything that you could ever want in a smoke and so much more. The flavor is described as being full of a toasty flavoring as well as lots of earthiness. This is definitely a medium bodied to full bodied stick that offers up everything you would expect from a premium cigar.

So when you look at the ugly, dark and oddly shaped smoke that is before you, remember that you cannot judge a book by its cover or a smoke by its exterior. This one packs a lot of flavor into what was once just another way to test tobaccos before proceeding with production. Amazingly, he was able to use this old world technique to produce something that leaves you completely stunned, satisfied, and coming back for more. They are hard to find, so make sure you make the effort to find them today.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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