Affordable Oliveros LTD Cigars Are For Sale In Our Cigar Shop.Oliveros LTD cigars are one of the newer lines from this company. The producer is a well-respected name in the tobacco industry. The origins of this fine product can be linked back to Nicaragua, Peru, and it even has some Dominican leaves as well. With its full flavor and nice wrapper, the reviews on this stick are favorable. It has been stated that the appearance is great, the flavor is great, and the overall construction is of the highest quality. Reviewers say that from the moment they light up Oliveros LTD cigars the experience is excellent.

As with any good cigar, the journey begins with the way the product looks. If it doesn’t look appealing to a person, then they are less likely to purchase it. It’s that simple. The overall appearance of this stick is great. It has a darker wrapper which gives it a classic and expensive look. It has one slightly noticeable vein throughout the length of it. The label, or ring, looks modern, rather than classic in appearance. The collision of the modern ring and the classic wrapper is a very good choice. That is why Oliveros LTD cigars catch the eye of so many aficionados.

After the first initial look at the stick, the next move is to see how well it is put together. If the product isn’t constructed well, consumers will not be satisfied with it. Reviewers all agree that this product is rolled very nicely. It has been noted to have a nice firmness to it throughout the whole length of the stick, which is what people want. The leaves are packed in tightly so that the consumer will get a better flavor and draw.

The next thing that can be discussed is the aroma that Oliveros LTD cigars give off. In the very beginning, the smell is a little subtle, but quickly becomes a nice strong aroma. Reviewers say that they can detect a hint of spiciness when inhaling the aroma from this product. This cigar has a consistent burn to it that is very pleasing to all that have reviewed it.

The same goes with the ashes falling. Consumers can be confidant when the ash will fall, which will prevent unnecessary messes and burns. This is a testament to the way it is constructed.

Upon first lighting this stick up, the draw is bit tight because of the way it is made. The further reviewers got into the experience, the draw improved, along with the amount of smoke it put out.

Last, but certainly not least, is the flavor of the Oliveros LTD cigars. From the reviews read, people are saying that this product has flavors such as cream, earth, and even a nutty aftertaste. The spices can definitely be detected as consumers make their way through the stick. The spice builds itself up and then quickly subsides again. Aficionados can continue to savor the pleasant flavors because of the ever present aftertaste.

Overall, this product is put up in the ranks with some very strong competitors, and it can certainly hold its own. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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