Cigar: Macanudo Gold   

Wrapper: Connecticut shade                     Binder: Mexican

Filler: Domican                                         Strength: medium bodied

Sizes: 6x52

Macanudo Gold CigarMacanudo Cigars are one of America’s best selling cigars, and they offer the Macanudo Gold only once a year. This cigar features a silky golden wrapper, which is where the cigar gets its name. The Macanudo brand is known for its mild flavor and body, as well as its consistency. This line of cigars, the Macanudo Gold is a limited edition. It adds a unique new taste to the already amazing line that is Macanudo Label.

Pleasing every palate, these cigars are smooth and consistent throughout the entire smoke. Known for their smoothness, this special line adds uniqueness because of the way it’s made. Handcrafted with golden wrapper leaves from the first and second primings of Macanudo’s specialty grown Connecticut Shade crop, the Macanudo Gold Label are blessed with a natural sweetness to be enjoyed by many. Some describe the taste as an unusually sweet lemony taste that is unlike any other. The wrappers are delicately thin, with remarkably supple veins that are extremely fine. Without a hint of graininess, these cigars are unbelievably smooth to the touch and as soft as silk. This cigar lives up to the quality that you can expect from the Macanudo brand. This distinctive new taste is a must for premium cigar smokers.

You can count on the same great taste that delivers peace and relaxation from the Macanudo Gold cigar. Every cigar is made of traditional quality that one would naturally expect from this brand. Ramone Cifuentes worked tirelessly to build the reputation of his cigar brands, and this line of rods fulfills and meets each of the characteristics that is required in order to be an exceptional cigar. It is one cigar that promises its trustworthy flavor and smoke. It is mouthwatering, classic, and even. A perfect woodsy undertone, yet somehow sweet, as stated before, this cigar can be paired beautifully with a cup of your favorite blend of black coffee to help bring out the fantastic sweetness Hints of vanilla and fruit are subtly brought out of this cigar as it lingers off of the tongue.

The natural beauty of this cigar is not only pleasing to the taste, but pleasing to the eye as well. Delicately wrapped, this cigar is one of the smoothest rods you will find. It burns evenly and slowly, allowing it to be fully enjoyed. The golden, almost seamless Connecticut shade wrapper envelopes long Dominican filler, and the standard Macanudo label is complimented by a ring below it exclaiming the name of the Macanudo Gold cigar. Solid and adequately packed, the stick is extremely pleasing and well presented.

After lighting this cigar, the draw is free and easy with a consistent burn. The aroma emitted from the smoke is creamy, and fairly scented of sweet spices. A nice, long, grayish-white develops from the burn.

Once again, the Macanudo brand has produced another cigar trustworthy to its name, offering a light, enjoyable smoke, with a unique sweetness of flavor that cannot be described. One must enjoy it themselves to understand the absolute extreme flavor brought to you by the Macanudo brand. There is a reason that they are one of America’s most trusted and popular cigar brands, of yesterday, and today. Dont miss out on this great smoke and stock your humidor today.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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