Macanudo Cru Royale Poco Gordo CigarsThis line began production in 2010 and one of the featured smokes was the Macanudo Cru royale Poco Gordo cigar. The Connecticut shade wrapper comes from Ecuardorian Habano seed and the binder is a Dominican Republic tobacco leaf that is called La Vega Especial. The blend that is used for the filler is Brazilian Mata Fina leaf tobacco and Nicaraguan leaf. This all comes together to offer up a stick that is medium in strength and offers the most unique of flavor profiles according to those that have tried them.

This company goes all the way back to 1868 when it was founded in Jamaica. The line’s namesake was originated in 1971 by General Cigar. However, the weather didn’t want to always cooperate in Jamaica so the move was made to the new home of the company which is Dominican Republic.

The Macanudo Cru royale Poco Gordo cigar is a real beauty. It has a short and stocky form that comes in at a ring gauge of 4 x 60”. The wrapper is a darkened brown color and is rather oily to the touch. On the pre-light aroma and draw, it was noted that there was quite a bit of earthiness that came through according to those that reviewed it. The construction wasn’t completely solid, but the small areas of softness didn’t hurt the overall flavor profile or its ability to burn evenly. It was also said that the Macanudo Cru royale Poco Gordo cigar produces ample smoke without being too loose or hard to draw well.

Upon lighting it, the first third of the smoke still offered the great earthy taste that was present on the pre-light draw. It was joined by some woodsy notes throughout the first third of the Macanudo Cru royale Poco Gordo cigar. Reviewers noted that the barnyard taste that had been there all along stayed dominant throughout the first third and into the second third of the smoke. The middle third saw a little leather come into the mix, but the gritty, earthy flavor profile continued to stay neck and neck with it. The last third of the smoke remained in the same line of flavoring with the leather peaking and then fading far into the background. The remainder of the stick to the nub was noted by some as being a bit harsher but still great tasting. Those three components of flavor notes were the most noticeable, besides the great tobacco flavor, of course. However, most of the reviewers all stated that these three notes continued to play back and forth to add plenty of distinction and dimension to the smoke.

This is definitely proof that big things come in small packages, and in this case, the package is the Macanudo Cru royale Poco Gordo cigar. While all of the reviewers said that it was a little looser than they would have preferred, it did not affect the high rating that each one of them assigned to it. They also said that they would recommend this stick to a friend or family member and that they all were definitely going to include it in their next purchase.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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