La Sirena Classic Cigars For Sale In Our Cigar ShopThe Miami Cigar Company launched La Sirena Classic Cigars in 2010 in Chicago. They are the producers of the Nestor Miranda and Tatiana flavored lines. They are pleased to present a very full-bodied selection in the La Sirena classic cigar, which is named after a sea creature of myth.

Don Pepin masterfully created the blend in Nicaragua, which of course adds to its appeal. La Sirena means mermaid in Spanish, which is a mythical creature that is half fish and half human.

Produced at the My Father factory in Nicaragua, La Sirena classic cigars are the first full-bodied line that the Miami Cigar Company has offered.

Pepin has used Nicaraguan Criollo and Nicaraguan Corojo as fillers. He then created a binder made from Nicaraguan Habano and Nicaraguan Corojo. The final product is packaged in a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper. The La Sirena Classic cigar is available in the following five sizes:

• Sea Sprite – 5.5 x 42

• The Prince – 5 x 50

• Divine – 5.5 x 52

• King Poseidon – 6 x 60

• Trident – 7 x 50

Appearance and Construction

LaSirena Classic cigars sport a very large band that is very colorful. They are blue, red, silver, gold and gray. A mermaid is found in the center of the band because of the Spanish interpretation of the cigar’s name.

The Connecticut Broadleaf that is used is aged well. You will find a slight hint of magnesium on the wrapper upon opening it. The smoke is a hefty one, and there are no soggy or soft areas to be found. It also features a well packed foot. The stick also offers a triple cap as well.

Flavor and Notes

A berry flavor has been noted in the foot of the smoke by many reviewers. They say that when you smell it you will find hints of chocolate, and again a berry flavor is present. The draw features notes of cocoa and an earthy taste. It begins with a spicy flavor, with a nicely added touch of leather. As this fades, you will find hints of apple, as well as chocolate and coffee flavors. Once you reach the second third, again you will find a hint of leather while chocolate and coffee is still lingering from the first part of the cigar. You will also notice that this second part is somewhat dry. Finally, the last third once again revisits the leather flavor which is now more robust and hearty. The chocolate and spice will be noticeable as you finish this amazing stick.

Smoking Characteristics

La Sirena features a great draw and a great amount of smoke. The aroma is very pleasing to the nose and the ash is said to hold up very well. The burn is crisp, and the stick didn’t require relighting once it was initially lit according to the reviews.


Connoisseurs all agree that they love the 6 x 60 size. They rate the 7 x 50 size as coming in as their second favorite. This offering was labeled as full-bodied, but many people tend to rate this as a medium rather than a full-bodied one. Of course this would depend on what your palate prefers and considers as full-bodied as opposed to medium-bodied.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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