La Aurora Perferidos CigarLa Aurora Preferidos Maduro cigars are some of the most renowned smokes in the industry. Deemed as some of the most “complex” cigars with “ever-changing flavor”, they have aficionados coming back to them time and time again, regardless of the price. Handmade in the Dominican Republic, they are Perfecto in shape and are filled with Dominican Piloto Cabano, Brazilian Bahia, and Cameroon tobacco. There are a variety of wrappers available for the La Aurora Preferidos Maduro cigars, with some of them being: corojo, maduro, Cameroon, Connecticut, and Habano.

La Aurora Preferidos Maduro cigars were noted as giving off an oily sheen when they were removed from the packaging. Reviewers say they have a smooth surface with one medium vein showing through the wrapper. Though the vein does not protrude much, it does provide a lighter color against the wrappers dark chocolate coloring. This can be a little offsetting for some, but there is redemption for them in that the seams run completely straight. That attests to the very intricate workmanship that goes into making them. They were noted to be evenly firm. Simultaneously, the stogies did not have any strikingly soft or hard spots.

Moving on, reviewers said that the pre-light draw was mild, with a hint of mulch or compost, giving a pleasant and somewhat resistant pull. The pre-light draw, of course, was also affected by the type of wrapper. They burned evenly leaving a grainy, whitish gray ash. Once lit, reviewers noticed that there was a great amount of smoke. In the first third of the smoking experience, the flavors were laden with peppers and wood essence, free of any acidity. The pepper flavors were said to hit the sinuses aggressively, making the reviewers salivate. All the reviews agreed that there are also hints of spice—primarily cinnamon—which complicate the experience, providing depth and more pleasure to the senses.

The second third of La Aurora Preferidos Maduro cigars was said to still have a faintly peppery flavoring to it, tingling up to the sinuses. Simultaneously, there were hints of floral and wood flavors again, along with more evident streaks of spices. The flavors from the first third carried over into the second-third. However, many said that all the flavors and sensations seemed to be more concentrated, giving a more aggressive and flavorful maduro experience. Additionally, there were bursts of acidity, cementing the fact that these sticks are classic maduros. The acidity took the tobacco from being medium to full-bodied in flavor and strength.

In the last third of the smoke, oils began to ooze out of the wrappers, leaving residue on the smokers’ lips. This was noted as a rather pleasant and sweet experience. Likewise, instead of gaining strength, the acidity slowly eased away, leading to a gentle finish. Down to the nub, La Aurora Preferidos Maduro cigars proved to be a wonderful experience by those who reviewed them. Easy to draw on with a high volume of smoke produced with each pull, this stick was said to have produced a wavy burn in the throat that was rather pleasant. The end notes of these luxurious smokes were said to be of chocolate and coffee. These notes were faint enough that their depths seemed to constantly morph within the mind, making each experience with one of these more pleasing and unique than the one before. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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