J Fuego Natural Cigars one of the best cigar onlineAnother wonderful offering from J.C. Newman is the J Fuego Natural cigar. This is one of those smokes that will leave you feeling like you just have to have more. It features a wrapper that is Nicaraguan Criollo. The filler is a blend from both Nicaraguan and Honduran tobacco. The binder is not made known in an effort, one can only suppose, to create a little more mystery to the line.

J Fuego Natural cigars are described as being medium bodied. It sports a wrapper that is a medium brown color which is a little darker than most natural colored wrappers as you would expect given the name of the stick. It is slightly oily with only a few noticeable veins. The foot had a sweeter tobacco aroma but once the smoke was cut at the cap, there was a lot of caramel and earthiness noted upon sniffing it.

Upon lighting the J Fuego Natural cigar, you will immediately notice a woodsy flavor along with some very good spicy tastes. As you enjoy the first section, or third, of this stick, you will encounter a great amount of flavorful explosion from flavors like spice, pepper, wood, and even the slightest hint of butterscotch is detected. The next third offers up the spiciness in a fading way, and taking its place is the sweet creamy taste that is described as being very buttery. The last one third of this stick offers up a rich nutty type of taste that is equally balanced by again the woodsy, earthy flavors that come and go throughout.

The ash was darker and held extremely well for quite some time, and did not fall off but had to be tapped firmly. The burn line was described as being somewhat cleanly crisp. The aroma was very enjoyable and enchanting with plenty of smoke. The draw was described as being a little difficult at first, but it loosened up once you get to about halfway through the first third of the stick.

All of the reviewers said that J Fuego Natural cigars are reminiscent of old world tradition. Most agreed that the J Fuego Natural cigar remained a medium bodied offering until the final half of the last third, where it almost ramped itself into the full bodied arena but not quite. Still, they all agreed that this was a very satisfying smoke that they would recommend to anyone, and that they would be restocking their humidor with it in the near future.

Because of the background of the founder of this company, it isn’t much of a stretch to realize that anything that he offers will be a first-class premium cigar and will receive accolades by everyone in the industry. The fact that he is a master blender rings true with every puff of any of his sticks, and this seems to be evident by each and every review that was offered concerning this line. However, don’t take the reviewers word for it. Take the time to try one today.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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