Illusione Ultra Cigar For Sale OnlinesDion Giolito launched the box pressed Illusione Ultra cigars in 2011.The superior construction is a trademark for Giolito. The carefully picked tobaccos blend together well. Each stogie has a machine pressed appearance, but the flawless look is a testament to the expertise of the creators. The stick is so well packed that it will burn for hours.

The triple cap on the box pressed stick is a beautiful combination. There are no soft spots or visible seams upon closer inspection. There is a nice oily sheen to the medium brown colored wrapper. With the first smell, it is easy to detect hints of espresso, cocoa, leather and spice. Only a few small veins are visible. First impressions are outstanding when investigating this cigar.

Upon first light, reviewers noted that the flavor of espresso takes center stage. A pleasant blend of spices quickly follows with a black pepper flavor on the back of the throat and a mellow red pepper on the tongue. Soon, a tart cherry flavor joins the peppery espresso. The first third is a medium bodied strength.

Illusione Ultra cigars are constructed of some of the finest tobaccos in the world. The Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper guarantees a stunning rich coloration to the stogie. A combination of Esteli Ligero and Jalapa Nicaraguan tobaccos blend together to create a rather impressive filler. The blend of tobaccos makes for a unique flavor sensation that reviewers love.

A dark cocoa helps the stogie transition smoothly to the second third. The tart cherry has a thick taste that is sweet, along with the peppery sensation. Notes of black tea hang on the tongue providing fluidity between the flavors. Those who reviewed them said the balance is well maintained with the play of the flavors. There is not a single taste that prevails. Instead, the smoker enjoys a smoothness that is joined by creaminess towards the end of the second third.

The ash of Illusione Ultra cigars ranges from dark gray to black. There is a need to relight occasionally, and this is to be expected with such a large stogie. The smoke is thick and fragrant. An even burn makes this an easy stick to appreciate. The nicotine strength starts at about a medium and increases to full by the finish of the second third.

The creaminess comes together in the final third blending together the spice, cocoa and cherry. Cedar makes an entrance at the beginning of the final third. The strength is solidly full bodied at this point. Illusione Ultra cigars are exceptionally constructed and hold true to form through the final third. The black and red peppery flavors linger after the chocolate and tart cherry flavors dissipate. The cedar notes are a pleasant addition that adds to the creaminess of the final third.

Illusione Ultra cigars are a great addition to the family of stogies created by Giolito. This release continues the excellence. The strength of the stogie may seem intimidating to the novice, but even new smokers are finding out how easy it is to enjoy a strong nicotine flavor with a syrupy sweetness. The price is low, at below $9 per stick depending on the preferred retailer.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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