Gurkha Titan Cigars For SaleMany people may not know how the name Gurkha Titan came to be. At one time the British ruled India and the soldiers would make their own cigars from tobacco that was found in the area. This is where the name came into existence. Today, the tobacco line is known all over the world. They began in 1989, in the Dominican Republic, but later moved their production to Honduras.

The Gurkha Titan is only released in limited amounts each year, and it was introduced to the industry in 2005. Since then, it has become a favorite among aficionados everywhere. One of the things that make this a special line is that the company uses a blend that features a mix of what is considered to be vintage tobaccos. This allows for a very complex and full bodied product to be rolled. This line combines Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Colombian tobacco fillers that are aged for five years. They are then added to a Nicaraguan binder that is also aged for five years. The wrapper is from Costa Rica, and it is also aged for five years. The result is a great cigar that is aged to perfection.

Reviewers all rave that the Gurkha Titan is among the best cigars available on the market today from anywhere in the world. It features an oily wrapper that is dark in color. They all say the same thing concerning the way that the cigar is rolled, which is described as being perfect.

Many of the reviewers agreed that there was a smoky taste that combined with a rather spicy flavor profile to give the beginning of the cigar quite a kick. They described a very welcoming note of pepper that was very pleasing to the palate. They all agreed that it produced a lot of smoke, and was smooth throughout the draw.

Others noted that Gurkha Titan gave way to flavors such as floral notes, cherry flavors, grassy notes and an herbal taste. They also noted that at the very end of the cigar there was a hint of anise flavoring to finish out the nub. Some reviewers said that a slight hint of a leathery taste was detected in different parts of the cigar. Others said that they noticed a slight coffee flavoring that was hardly described as dominant but was definitely noticeable.

Everyone that tried one of these cigars came away with a little different take. It seems that some palates are more perceptive than others. However, no one was disappointed with the flavor profile that was found in the Gurkha Titan cigar. Most of the reviewers happily gave the cigar a rating of a high eighty to a low ninety. All in all, this is described as being a premium cigar. All of the reviewers were happy with the ash and the burn, and delighted with the draw. They consistently described this cigar as being smooth and very enjoyable. It was also consistently placed in the category of being a medium bodied offering. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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