Carlos Tarano Loyal Line Of Cigars For Sale OnlineTo understand the brand, it has to be understood that the Carlos Torano Loyal line cigars come from a family that has an ancestry that is steeped in tobacco history and experience. Two generations ago, the elder of the family left Spain to go to Cuba. It was in Cuba that the family began to build their legacy and their tobacco expertise opening over fifteen farms through 1959. Because of problems in Cuba, the family relocated to Dominican Republic. From there, the family continued a long line of Cuban seed tobaccos and later branched into growing tobacco in other countries including Mexico, Nicaragua and Ecuador with factories in Nicaragua and Honduras.

Today the Carlos Torano loyal line cigar includes some wonderful offerings including: Exodus 1959 Anniversary, Exodus 1959, Exodus 1959 Silver Edition, Casa Torano, Casa Torano Maduro, Cameroon 1916, Reserva Decadencia, Reserva Selecta, Signature Collection, Noventa, Virtuoso, and The Brigade. These come in a variety of sizes.

Reviews of the Carlos Torano Loyal line cigars definitely are some of the best. Many connoisseurs had nothing but accolades to give these smokes. One review was that of the vitola robusto. The wrapper of this particular smoke was Ecuadorian Sumatra and the binder was Nicaraguan tobacco. The filler was Nicaraguan and Dominican. This particular reviewer was sipping on a diet cola while partaking of this great stick.

The Carlos Torano Loyal line cigar was said to have had a very good aroma of earthiness. The body of the smoke was solid. The first third of the smoke after it was lit gave the reviewer a taste of spiciness and just a hint of citrus flavor notes. The citrus was said to be like that of the taste of the rind of an orange but described as being quite pleasant. While it began as a mild bodied smoke, it quickly ramped up to a medium bodied offering before the first third of it was finished.

The middle third gave a lot of the same flavors that were found in the first third, such as spiciness and citrus peeling flavor notes. These flavors remained throughout the second portion of the smoke. The third and final portion of the smoke was noted as offering the same flavor profile but the spiciness had some added heat to it, which was similar to the type of heat found in pepper, but not exactly with the same taste profile that pepper offers. Toward the nub, the flavor profile slowed back to a milder bodied offering but was very satisfying to the reviewer.

Carlos Torano Loyal line cigars offer unbeatable tobacco taste and a flavor profile that would be perfect for the beginner or the seasoned connoisseur. The Cuba seed tobacco definitely adds unique taste notes to this selection.

The tradition of great tobacco growing and wonderful manufacturing will continue on into this third generation of tobacco artisans. Humidors will continue to be stocked with these very appealing and pleasing sticks that reviewers all recommend highly to their friends and family.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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