Alec Bradley Vice President CigarsAlec Bradley Vice Press comes in three vitolas: the 7 x 60 sized 6T, the 6 ½ x 62 6T2, and the 5 x 64 6T4. They are manufactured in the Tabacos de Oriente factory in Honduras. They have a Nicaraguan wrapper, a Costa Rican and Columbian binder, and a Mexican, Honduran, Nicaraguan filler.

One reviewer took on a smoke of the 6T2, and said the stick’s wrapper was dark brown in color with just a few little veins. The pre-lit scent was described as consisting of cedar and cinnamon. Nuts and coffee flavors with some cocoa hints were noticed, and the construction was said to be without flaw, except for a tiny burn issue.

The Alec Bradley Vice Press 6T4 presented at least one reviewer with some trouble when it came time to cut the cigar, because of its rectangular shape. The scissors that the reviewer would normally have used for a cigar with a larger gauge were no match for this cigar and just made a mess. A double bladed cutter for large gauges is what finally did the trick. The issue of the construction of the cigar brought forward comments about the oily sheen to the darker brown in color cigar. The cigar was rectangular in shape and was heavily box pressed. The reviewer said the draw was perfect. The reviewer struggled a bit with the burn issues and felt the cigar smoked a little on the fast side, but it slowed down in the second half. There was reportedly plenty of smoke, with a sweetness to the aroma. The reviewer said the ash was dark gray and black, and it lasted for about an inch. The pre-lit cigar had an earthy and chocolate scent. The early draws on the Alec Bradley Vice Press were subtly flavored without any overly prominent flavors. The cigar was mild to medium-bodied for the first several inches. Nearing the middle of the smoke, coffee and sweet tobacco was noticed. With a couple of inches left, the cigar increased in strength to a medium-bodied one, and those flavors decreased to just a hint of the sweet tobacco but included a chocolate flavor.

Another reviewer says the draw is smooth and free, and the ash is quite solid and holds well. Coffee, earth, and chocolate flavors were noted as being present in the beginning third of the cigar. In the next third, the cigar increases slowly to medium to full-bodied. The reviewer would describe the Alec Bradley Vice Press as being full-bodied by the last third. The flavor of the cigar was described as being pretty steady throughout the entire smoke. This reviewer indicated there was a good amount of complexity to this cigar, and its flavor was good and rich.

Another review agreed with a previous reviewer about just how big this cigar is. This review said the Alec Bradley Vice Press was firm with no blemishes and no soft spots. The first third was described as having consistent flavor. The second third had similar flavors to the first third of coffee and chocolate. The final third was fuller bodied and had some spice accents.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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