La Libertad Classic CigarVillager Sons Limited is a small Swiss-based company that manufactures the La Libertad Classic cigar. The only reason this little gem isn’t in more humidors is because VSL is a little known manufacturer who hasn’t made a big splash stateside. That status should change as this stick grows in popularity in the U.S.

The wrapper is Peruvian. It is actually a Habano seed leaf. A clever mixture of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco makes up the filler. The wrapper is a light chocolate brown which contains minimal veining. Most reviewers note a dry but sturdy build to the stick that is very workmanlike. It has a rough and rustic look. There’s nothing flashy about it, but the stogie is well built and free of any hard or soft spots. The red, black and gold band is a nice bold mark that features the brand icon. The cap is well constructed and protrudes out enough to allow for a deep cut.

The La Libertad Classic cigar has an aroma that some reviews state is classically Peruvian. It’s filled with floral scents that range from wet grass to floral and cedar. A few reviewers mentioned that the wrapper had an aroma that reminded them of a small village farm in a positive light. This scent reinforces the modest no frills appearance of the stick. Many smokers state that the wrapper itself doesn’t have much flavor. It is very mild upon lighting and allows for a smooth and agreeable smoke.

This stick is mostly noted for its flavor. It’s a complex and strong stogie that is perfect for those smokers that have established palates. The domineering flavor tone is a strong earthy one. Reviewers stated that the earthy tones last through the entire stick, though it grows in complexity while the aficionado works their way down. The stogie lights easily and readily. Beyond the earthy flavor notes, many who have experienced it are often surprised by a powerful spicy layer that hints of peppers. The La Libertad Classic cigar is not just one bold flavor note after another. The stronger spicy and earthy layers slowly give way to sweeter woody, floral and cinnamon notes. The smoke slowly tapers off into a mild sweetness. This is a perfect way to send off the complex spicy and earthy notes. Most smokers think the stick is medium bodied while having a fine line between medium and full body. This stogie puts out a good deal of smoke that, while not particularly complex, is pleasantly fragrant according to those that tried it. The smoke was said to linger for a good amount of time and was infused with floral scents.

Most reviewers state that the stick burns well and mostly even. It only goes slightly ragged on occasion. Those reviewers reinforced that it wasn’t particularly noticeable. The draw with the La Libertad Classic cigar is easy and agreeable which owes to its superior craftsmanship. The ash clings on for a good amount of time and shows as a flaky bright white.

These sticks are also noted by reviewers for their value. With budgets tightening everywhere, it’s nice to find an appropriately priced smoke without compromising quality. This stogie hits that perfect middle ground. The La Libertad Classic cigar comes in three sizes: Robusto, Churchill and short Perfecto.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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