Davidoff CigarsDavidoff cigars are often called the Elite of Elite in the world of cigars.  Many aficionados regard them as the absolute epitome of luxury and high quality.  That’s not surprising, when you consider the reputation for impeccability that the Davidoff brand has become known for.

Made in the Dominican Republic, Davidoff cigars off the new smoker and the veteran aficionado of many decades one of the smoothest and most consistent smokes in the entire cigar industry.   While this no doubt a premium cigar for the connoisseur, the Davidoff also enjoys a rather unique position of being a cigar that any smoker of any level of experience can appreciate and enjoy.  

Much of this is the result of a very unique cultivation, blending, and aging process that is used to prepare the tobacco.  The other reason for this wide range of popularity is the many different lines that Davidoff produces.  Because these lines offer the full gamut strength, you can find everything from creamy and smooth to spicy and strong under the Davidoff label. 

The Davidoff cigar was first manufactured in Cuba and is now made in the Dominican Republic.  Four very unique and special blends are used to make the various lines of this series.  There are large-sized Davidoff’s, mild and light versions, full bodied smokes, and medium bodied and gentle.  The most powerful of the Davidoff brand are the Grand Cru lines and Special ranges, which share the same blend. 

Power wise, Davidoff cigars are full, medium, or mild as follows:

·         Grand Cru-a full body smoke

·         Millennium-a full and mature cigar, favored by Dominican lovers

·         Classic Series-a mild blend

·         Thousand Series-a mild blend

·         Mini Cigarillos-a mild blend

·         Exquisito Cigarillo-a mild blend

Deliberate and careful construction accounts for a perfect draw.  Davidoff has, for many years, set the standard for well-made cigars with a comfortable and easy draw.  The burn is also consistent, and evident of superb manufacture.  

Taste wise, you get complex, subtle flavor and rich aroma from Davidoff cigars.  The people who blend these tobaccos go through extensive training and accumulate years of experience on top to guarantee you the rich aroma and flavor that many reviews have described the tobacco as somewhat woody and sweet. 

Davidoff cigars are made using tobaccos that are grown in the richest soils of select fields in the Dominican Republic.  Many different varieties are used to produce the creamy filler that goes into these cigars. 

The leaves from these tobaccos are carefully chosen by virtue of their aroma.  They must also go through a four year aging process in order to create a smooth, enjoyable flavor that Davidoff cigars are known form.  The wrapper is also of super quality, being a Connecticut-shade wrapper enclosing the expert blend within. 

Davidoff cigars are considered premium anywhere you go.  Davidoff has built its business around the standards of quality and excellence that go back 500 years in the Dominican Republic.  In cultivation and manufacture, they simply cannot be beat. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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