The Kuuts Zapata Cigar is a well-blended premium cigar for those who prefer medium bodied sticks.Reviewers found the Kuuts Tabacalera Zapata Cigar to be a good smoke for someone that is looking for medium body and medium strength in their stogies.


Despite being in business for almost a decade and a half, this brand may be unfamiliar to American cigar smoking enthusiasts. Only recently has the Spanish company Promo Tobacco and the factory Compañia Hondureña de Tabacos, introduced their blends to the United States. Their primary field of influence has been in Europe. In October of 2012, the company opened the Kuuts Distribution Center in Florida for the express purpose of distributing to the American market. The Kuuts Zapata Cigar is expertly hand rolled in Honduras, and is magnificently constructed from cap to foot.


The long filler tobaccos from Nicaragua, Honduras, and Jaltepec are encased by a Honduran Connecticut Oscuro wrapper. Long filler refers to the use of entire tobacco leaves. They run the length of the stick, which is common practice when a smoke is premium. Generally, stogies that are not hand rolled have short leaf fillers, which are chopped by machines. Long leaf tobacco is superior because it is not composed of scraps. It burns cooler, resulting in a more enjoyable smoking experience.


Although the wrapper of the Zapata has a few visible veins, they are very fine. The thing that differentiates this Honduran Connecticut Oscuro from other shade grown wrappers is the amount of oil present on the leaf. The visible sheen informs smokers that the wrapper is going to contribute greatly to the taste. The Kuuts Zapata Cigar features a classy black band with the font and delicate decorations rendered in gold. It has a high quality Honduran tobacco as a binder. These are triple capped to prevent unraveling. Although this cigar is packed densely enough to feel solid when squeezed, the draw is still easy once a few puffs have been taken.


This was a smoke that was described by reviewers as rich. Hints of molasses and the creamy aspects of the smoke mingled well with the mellow taste of the wrapper. People who smoked this cigar discovered that the flavor profile contained sweetness reminiscent of honey paired with hints of cedar, earthiness, and the natural flavor of tobacco. The flavors of the Kuuts Zapata Cigar truly come into their own during the second third of the stick, but there is some initial lemony zing and grassiness. Those who tried this stick identified a sweet hay taste on the palate that matched the scent found during the pre-light inspection. Reviewers did not consider it to have a complex blend of tastes, but they did find it to be well balanced. All the present flavors were strong and enjoyable.


Although the name translates from Spanish to English as “shoe”, the Kuuts Zapata Cigar was actually named in honor of one of the company’s founding members, Ramon Zapata Perez. This well blended stick comes in five available vitolas: Robustos (5” x 50), Belicosos (5 ½” x 54), Coronas (5 ⅝” x 46), Toro (6” x 52), and the Toro Gordo (6” x 60). Given the quality of this stogie, the price is extremely reasonable, and definitely deserves a place in every humidor.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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