Electronic Cigarette KitMany people are discovering a new way to approach smoking, and want to buy electronic cigarettes online. They’re known by many different names, and may be called smokeless cigarettes, e-cigs or e-cigarettes. Even though they may go by different names, they have one main thing in common. They are all alternative ways to consume nicotine. They are manufactured to look like real cigarettes in many cases, but have no tobacco and need no flame to light.

Can someone buy electronic cigarettes online? Yes, many tobacco retailers are now offering these products to their clientele, even though they are tobacco free. There are also several online retailers that sell these exclusively. The same laws that apply to tobacco products apply to these too, and the purchaser must be 18 to buy them.

There are several things that a customer should look into before deciding to buy electronic cigarettes online. Even though this product is fairly simple, there still is a difference between the different brands. Just like with other products, there are high grade and low grade models, so to speak. When someone does buy premium electronic cigarettes online, being able to tell them apart will ensure an ideal purchase. They typically come in three main parts. Older varieties have more parts, and this made them cumbersome and hard to repair. Premium brands have a part that holds the battery, a vaporization compartment and a part that holds the e-liquid. The manufacturer should also sell a combo charge pack with a wall and USB charger, and this only adds to the convenience factor. The cartridge that holds the e-liquid should offer different levels of nicotine. It’s not completely necessary, but some people want as many flavors as possible. Many retailors offer flavors like traditional tobacco, cherry, coffee, menthol and vanilla. To ensure top notch durability, a high quality cartridge is a must. A solidly made refill should last the purchaser about 300 puffs. Finally, a premium product will have four main ingredients. There is propylene glycol, which is an FDA approved additive for food, water, flavoring and nicotine.

How do these devices work? Because there is no tobacco to light and therefore no combustion process required, the product is used a little differently. The liquid nicotine is heated up by the battery that creates a vapor that the person inhales. The vaporization process happens in one of two ways depending on the device. Either the smoker pushes on a switch that starts the process, or the person simply inhales from the cartridge to initiate it. Once the device is activated, a smoker can proceed to inhale as they would with a traditional cig. When the smoker exhales, there is a vapor that is released that looks like a cloud of smoke. Many manufacturers have placed a light-emitting diode, or LED, at the end that mimics a flame when the person inhales.

Whether it is a purchase for personal use or as a gift, when it comes time to buy electronic cigarettes online knowing the above information will help ensure that the purchase made is the right one.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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