Alec Bradley Family Blend Cigars For Sale OnlineThe Alec Bradley Family Blend was ranked number 16 in 2009 list of best cigars in a major magazine in the field, and has also been rated a 94 in that publication. Made in Honduras, it is nearly a Honduran puro as far as its wrapper and filler are concerned. Only the binder is Indonesian.

Well deserving of commendations that call it gorgeous, the Alec Bradley Family Blend wrapper is milk chocolate colored and glistens with the oily sheen that is common to premium cigars. It reportedly starts out with a smoky even draw, and the ash holds for a nice long while throughout the even burn. The creamy, nutty, and earthy flavors become increasingly complex with an additional accent of sweetness. The flavor is deliciously consistent throughout, and the medium-bodied stick is most often depicted as being of average strength.

Upon inspection, the T11 is a well-made torpedo with minor veining and stretch marks apparent on just a few of these sticks. This smoke is also chocolate brown in color and has plenty of oil. Leather and tobacco, with some spice dominate the flavor of this smoke from the vey beginning. It reportedly has an even burn and a great draw, and is a terrific medium bodied stick that will reputed please the palates of nearly all cigar smoking enthusiasts. In the second, and even more so in the final third, a woody burst of flavor comes through, even as the spice and sweetness increase here as well. The sweet taste evolves into a dark fruitiness, and the spice gets deeper more like cinnamon. This fine smoke has a lot of flavor and a complex flavor level that is certainly above average.

This Alec Bradley Family Blend was created solely for the pleasure of the three main executives’ fathers’ pleasure: those of President Alan Rubin, V. President Ralph Montero, and the Director of National Sales, George Soso. The company eventually decided to add this cigar to its regular line. They come in only a single option of a 5 ½ x 50 Robusto with the head capped with a traditional Cuban pigtail.

The beautiful construction of the Alec Bradley Family Blend line, and particularly its pigtail draws repeated comments about its similarities to fine Cuban smokes. It has had no reported hot spots, but one reviewer did notice a few minor veins on the wrapper. The pre-light draw is said to have a creaminess that is combined with earthiness. After igniting with a favored cigar lighter, the first third introduces nuts and leather into the flavor profile. The leather notes found in the second third is joined by a flavor of wood which is noted as a typical Alec Rubin move. Wood, nuts, and leather are all apparent to many in the final third. Out of all the reviews available for this line, only one smoker noted a slight burn issue with one of them. The draw had a perfect amount of resistance, and the ash was a little dark and strong.

Like the rest of this company’s lines, the reviews out there give the Alec Bradley Family Blend smokes a lot of acclaim, particularly for the price. They are quite simply much more cigar than the price indicates— and no wonder: it is a terrific cigar. After all, it was initially made for the bosses’ fathers.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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