Wrapper: Ecuadoran Habano Binder: Honduran

Filler: Domi,nican & Honduran Vuelta Abajo Strength: Medium to Full Bodied

Sizes: 4x48 (Roxxo), 7x48 (Sucio), 6x44 (Tiburon), 4x42 (Papi Chulo), 5x60 (Monstro)

Room 101 Namakubi CigarRoom 101 Namakubi cigars carry a mystique about them because of their unique name and complementary packaging. Reviewers enjoy the Room 101 Namakubi for its strong flavor and versatility. The Room 101 Namakubi line, introduced to the market in 2011, continues to rake in positive reviews.

Most cigar aficionados agree that this limited edition line of cigars produced by Matt Booth is one of his best offerings. The name resonates with the theme of the Room 101 cigar company. This brand is built on the premise of the promotion of Asian culture and lore. The name Namakubi in Japanese means “freshly severed head”. This refers to the ancient Samurai tradition of handing the conquering Shogun the head of the conquered foe on a wooden platter. The ornately decorated box sports a captivating design done in blood red.

 The face depicted in a large circular pattern is crafted in the style of traditional Japanese art forms associated with war. Scrawled lettering in the same shade of red forms the name of the line on the bottom half of the box. This same eye-catching script encircles the richly colored ebony bands on the cigars as well. It has been said that pleasing the eye is half of the enjoyment of consumption. This is certainly true in the world of quality tobacco products. The creator of this cigar capitalizes on the knowledge that taste is as much in the eye as on the tongue. This new line lures in the aficionado with its superbly designed box and well-crafted cigar. The pleasure of the smoke begins before the first draw takes place.

The fine construction of the cigar is also pleasing to the smoking enthusiasts. Each Room 101 Namakubi is wrapped in a moderately veined leaf. It has been described as a red brown to a moderately caramel brown Ecuadoran Habano wrapper. The feel is smooth, and a slight woodsy aroma emanates from the leaf. The packing of the filler is solid with a firm consistency throughout the length of the smoke. The expertly dried and cured leaves of Dominican and Honduran plants are tightly held together by a Honduran binder. The qualities of composition assure a nice, solid, light grey ash throughout the smoke with only a slightly wavering line being reported.

The smoking experience itself is said to be characterized by a strong, slightly peppery flavor from the beginning to the end. A woody flavor, which has been described as cedar by some, plays a prominent role throughout the smoke, though it seems to diminish somewhat in the last portion of the cigar. The middle third of the smoke is said to have a nice, steady offering of strength and mellow flavor blends. The end of the stick finishes with heightened notes of pepper, yet they do not dominate the taste. Though the flavor palate is not reported to be overly complex, those who have enjoyed this recent offering from this relatively new company are extremely pleased with the overall experience and highly recommend it.

The combination of the engaging packaging and great construction of choice tobacco materials make this product, the Room 101 Namakubi, a valuable addition to any humidor.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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