This 601 Ecuadorian Connecticut cigar is better known as the 'Black Label' from Nicaragua. Don Jose "Pepin" Garcia blended this smoke, and introduced it to the public in August 2006. These cigars are unique in that they are the only ones in the 601 line that are not Nicaraguan Puro. They chose to use a rich and oily Ecuadorian grown Connecticut seed wrapper. Using these tobacco leaves toned down this beautiful, handmade cigar from being bold, like the rest of the line, to a medium to full body and strength. Pepin perfectly cured the wrapper leaves to give them more depth, complexity, and a unique richness of character. Reviews stated that the wrapper has a very nice, creamy brown coloring, and is finely veined. The hard construction and smoothness of the cigar was found to be very pleasing to the touch. The stick has a stout, heavy feel to it with a black background band sporting gold printing.

The 601 Ecuadorian Black Label Connecticut cigars are manufactured out of the Tabacalera Cubana factory in Estelí, Nicaragua. Both the binder and filler are from perfectly aged, aromatic, Nicaraguan long filler tobacco leaves. One reviewer commented that the smoke is just as well made as the rest of the 601 line. Another reviewer said that the cigars were one of the stronger smokes out there using a Connecticut shade wrapper.

Many have said that this smoke opens up with a good dose of pepper dancing in the sinuses and tapping on the tongue. They also stated that from the beginning to the end it demonstrated complexity with every change of the notes. The first draw reaches a nice buttery aroma with the spicy Nicaraguan brew. One review said that the cold draw produced very good air flow, and exhibited a spicy note on the lips with some cumin. Most reviewers said that this 601 Ecuadorian Connecticut cigar lit easily, and maintained a very even and razor sharp burn line. The ash was described as being light gray in color, while the smoke was creamy, sweet and productive. There was no need to relight. The first third moved from being very peppery to the introduction of wood, toasted nuts, and coffee notes.

Closer to the middle, reviewers said that the smoke became creamier in texture with a leathery note. The spiciness rolled off and lightened up some at this point. The reviews said that this is when the woody flavors, intertwined with lighter notes of butter and nuts, started to dominate over the pepper and leather notes. The 601 Ecuadorian Black Label Connecticut was said to be a spicy, relaxing smoke all the way to the end.

Reviewers that smoked this 601 Ecuadorian Connecticut said that the consistency in the flavoring was not too complex to be an enjoyable smoking experience. They also stated that it was perfect for an after dinner leisure smoke, especially if it is paired with a good scotch. Even discerning aficionados experienced a positive, lasting impression with this Black Label cigar.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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