Alec Bradley Tempus Cigars On SaleAlec Bradley Tempus cigars come in several vitolas and are available at numerous cigar shops.

Reviews for the Novo Terra included a reviewer being surprised about being able to get one of the cigars so quickly after hearing about them. The reviewer speculated it might have had something to do with the timeline for hearing about them, but mentioned other people still being unable to get one of them. This cigar received a commercial rating of 94 in one publication, and a reviewer indicated he had only heard positives about this particular cigar. It is a robusto, 5 x 50, with a Honduran Criollo wrapper. It has Honduran and Nicaraguan Filler and an Indonesian binder. One reviewer referred to the one and three-quarter hour long smoke length. The Alec Bradley Tempus cigar was described as attractive and as having two ornate bands decorating and identifying the cigar. The reddish brown wrapper was described as being pretty smooth looking. The reviewer said it did have some veining, and it wasn’t quite as smooth to the touch as it first appeared, however, it had a flawless wrapper on both of the cigars the reviewer smoked. The review described the cigar as well packed with a pungent wrapper that provided a dried fruit flavor in the unlit taste. The overall flavor was described as sweet, with cocoa, cedar, and a small amount of spice noted in the first third of the cigar. The fruitiness was described as being decreased to be replaced with an increase in the cedar taste in the second third, with just a little bit of coffee and chocolate hinted as well. The reviewer indicated the final third had leather flavor with some cedar, but what was there was not as sweet.

Another reviewer said the Alec Bradley Tempus has a little bit of toothiness to its unique look. This review said it was firm with a good draw, a slow burn, and dark gray ash. This reviewer would not recommend this cigar to the new cigar smoker, however. The review indicated coffee and pepper flavors, as well as some earthiness, at the beginning of the smoke. The second third was described as mellowing and introducing a nutty flavor. In the final third, the review speaks of the increase in spice that had the reviewer finish up the cigar, although it was emphasized that it was the strength, and not harshness, that led to that. The review suggested not smoking it on an empty stomach, and warned that the strength increased in a way one might not notice immediately.

One review for the Alec Bradley Tempus Terra Novo spoke of the perfect draw, but of some slight burn problems for the cigar. There was no swelling or overheating for this reviewer, so he did not mind the slight burn issues. The medium-to-full-bodied cigar did not taste bitter to the reviewer, and the reviewer noted a prominent black licorice flavor joining the earthy, leathery taste. The cedar was noted towards the middle of the smoke, and a sweetness increased that the reviewer felt improved the total flavor. The reviewer felt the price was in line with the quality of the Alec Bradley Tempus cigar.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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