There is an old saying that behind every great man is an even greater woman. This is an idea as old as time and still holds true today. It is easy to take this quote and apply it to cigars. Behind every great cigar, is a great accessory. Think about it, you can have the best cigar in the world but if you only have a bic lighter and a dull knife, you will not be able to enjoy it the proper way. Like cigar manufacturers, there are several top of the line accessory companies that will provide you with the best possible products to enhance your cigar experience. While I am a huge fan of companies like Colibri and Lotus, my heart has always been with the Xikar brand.

 From its Humble beginnings in the mid nineties to an industry powerhouse, Xikar has remained at the forefront of cigar accessory technology since its inception. You would think there are only so many ways to make a cutter and lighter… well you would be wrong. While Xikar started out making simple, yet high grade products, they first revolutionized the industry with there XI model. Now known as the teardrop cutter, the XI has been the mainstay of the company for years. They range from a simple steal models all the way to high end engraved versions commanding hundreds of dollars. They use the finest grade steel to make sure the cutter is always sharp.

 A few years ago, Xikar again showed their imaginative and unique style when they released the highly anticipated XO cutter. This circle cutter uses revolution gear technology to provide the best possible cut, hands down. They even added a slight viewing portal so you can see the gears work together when you are cutting your smoke They created the best cutter to use on the best cigars.

 With FDA regulations stalling the production of new cigars slightly, the past two years have been the era of the accessory, and Xikar is at the forefront. Enjoy the full line of Xikar products right here at Serious cigars.

POSTED ON Aug 15, 2018


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