When it comes to the cigar industry, it is safe to say that almost all cigar factories are in a very concentrated area. Central America and the Caribbean are host to nearly every cigar factory in the world, with the concentration being in Cuba, Nicaragua, The Dominican Republic and Honduras. With the port of Miami being the go to shipping destination for nearly all cigar manufacturers, it only makes sense that most companies are headquartered somewhere in Florida. Atladis USA, Fuente, Padron, Drew Estate and EP Carillo are each based in Florida, with there main manufacturing facilities stretched out among the different Hispanic nations.

However, recently we have seen a trend of Southern based cigar companies. Yes, I know Florida is in the South, but lets be honest… Miami is not really a Southern town. With the advent of the boutique market, several companies have sprouted up below the Mason Dixon line that still have their operations abroad, but wish to keep their hometown charm. With Serious Cigars being founded in Texas, this was an article we were very proud to write.

The first of these is The Crowned Heads . This Nashville based company was created by former members of CAO. CAO was originally based in Nashville before its acquisition by General Cigars. These former employees, being lead by Jon Huber, wished to maintain their Tennessee esthetic and began to work with other major manufacturers to bring their dream to life. Many of their releases are steeped in Southern tradition. The Jericho Hill takes its name and the name of each of its front marks from Johnny Cash Lyrics. The JD Howard Reserve is based upon a former alias of legendary out law Jesse James. There is the limited edition Tennessee Waltz and their most recent collaboration… the Montecristo Ciudad de Musica, which is Spanish for “City of Music”. Any fan of music knows this is the nick name for Nashville, having spawned many legendary music stars over the past century. For a true Nashville experience, The Crowned Heads is the perfect choice.

One of the fastest growing brands in America right now Is RoMa Craft. Their blends are impeccable, their names are creative and intriguing, and their social presence has almost no equal. Founders Skip Martin and Mike Rosales were both Texas natives who worked for spate companies before coming together to form RoMa Craft. While Skip spends most of his time in Nicaragua managing the tobacco and factory and Skip is hosting events around the country, they will always call Austin home. In fact, not even a year ago they opened their now infamous headquarters in Austin. Complete with a craft beer bar and smoking lounge, this facility is the crown jewel of the RoMa Craft empire and is open to all cigar retailers to stop by for a smoke. On the RoMa Craft logo, three cities are listed. Esteli and San Jose, where a majority of their products are made, and Austin, which they call home.

You would be hard pressed to find a cigar more at home in the South then Southern Draw. Founded by veterans and with Robert Holt at the helm, this company’s mantra is all about expressing southern hospitality. This can be seen not only in their blends and their names, but by how they perform as a company. Robert is always the first to like or comment on your social pictures and loves doing in person events. The man, whose official title is Chief Evangelist, epitomizes the best parts of the South. Even the names of their lines ooze southern charm such as the Kudzu, which is a vine plant rampant throughout the south and the new Rose of Sharon, which sounds like a Hank Williams song. With their lines being made my legendary AJ Fernandez, this is a company with amazing products and an even more amazing attitude.

Lastly, we have the newest company to enter what I call the Cigar SEC. Cornelius and Anthony is steeped in Southern history. Founder Steven Bailey is a fifth-generation Virginian tobacco man. His great-great-grandfather began cultivating tobacco in the 1860s, and since then the Bailey family has been a major player in the cigarette world. Steven wished to take his knowledge and heritage and enter into the premium cigar industry, an endeavor for which he has been quite successful. The company is named after both Steven Anthony Bailey and his ancestor Cornelius Bailey who planted his first crops over 150 years ago. Each of their lines represents their dedication to carrying on their legacy. Their premier line also takes its name from the families founder, Cornelius, while the Daddy Mac is named after Stevens father, Mac Bailey. Their most recent release, Senor Esugars is named for Stevens family dog. We are very excited to see what he has up his sleeve.

Serious Cigars may be different then you remember it, but we are proud of our Southern heritage. We will also try to represent the loyalty, passion and dedication of the Southern people and are pleased to work with these companies in bringing you the newest generation of Southern inspired cigars.

POSTED ON Jan 12, 2018


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