Who in the cigar industry has a more dedicated fan base then that of Drew Estate? They have followers all over the country who flock to their events and stock up on their newest and most limited releases. Out of their impressive inventory, the Liga Privada and the Undercrown garner the most attention from their “diplomats” and for good reason. The Liga Privada is considered one of the best full bodied cigars of all time and helped spawn the careers of two of the industry’s most prolific blenders, Nick Melillo and Steve Saka. When Liga was released to the general public, the blenders and rollers in the factory found themselves short of their favorite cigar.

 So being as innovative as they are, the factory worked to come up with a more available blend that mimics the best qualities of the Liga Privada. The result was the Undercrown, which has become one of their best-selling lines. The dark maduro cigar was so successful that it spawned two sequels, the creamy Undercrown Shade and the zesty Undercrown Sun Grown.

 A company like Drew Estate is also well known for their limited and regional releases, and the Undercrown line was no exception. Several years ago they released a special edition through the Cigar Dojo app known as the Undercrown Dogma. It quickly became one of the most sought after Drew Estate products ever created and sold out almost instantly. However, customers were clamoring for more, and the team at Drew has finally answered their prayers.

 The Undercrown Dogma is now available to the general public and we have it right here at Serious Cigars. While it may not be a special small batch release anymore, it is still limited in quantities, so if I were you I would hurry up right now and pick up your box of the Undercrown Dogma.

POSTED ON Oct 08, 2018


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