Its safe to say that no one has had a more illustrious career in such a short time then A.J. Fernandez. Just 10 years ago, he was a medium sized Nicaraguan blender who was well known within the industry for working on several private labels, including the Diesel and Ave Maria. He popularity rose further over the next few years with the release of his national brands San Lotano and The New World. He is now one of the biggest manufacturers in the world, making blends for cigar giants such as Altadis USA and General Cigar.

 During his transition from small batch blender too mega cigar star, AJ made a very special blend that is only available at select retailers. At the time, AJ and his team claimed it was the finest blend he has ever created and even 4 years later, I would have to agree. The Uncharted is a real beauty, using aged Nicaraguan filler, a thick San Andres binder and one of the best looking Ecuadorian Habano wrappers I have ever seen.

 It is one of the best medium body cigars I have ever tried, right up there with a Fuente Hemingway or a RoMa Craft Aquitane. It is wonderfully complex with notes of spice, pepper and leather along with terrific chocolate notes from the San Andres binder. The burn is fantastic from start to finish and the smoke output is perfect.

 Being a small private label, this is one of the best priced AJ cigars you will find. Its time to enter Uncharted territory right now at Serious Cigars.

POSTED ON Jun 01, 2018


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