The number one country for cigar tobacco has to be Cuba. For almost two centuries, the world has been enjoying Cuban tobacco in some of the finest cigars ever created. Their soil combined with the humidity and sunlight combined for the perfect conditions for growing tobacco. Although Cuban cigars are not allowed to be sold in the U.S., their heritage and style has been mimicked the world over, with every cigar manufacturer attempting to recreate a "traditional" Cuban.

                                                                                               Dominican Republic

 Following the Cuban embargo, one country came to dominate the American cigar market. The Dominican Republic is home to some of the worlds largest cigar manufacturers and some of the highest rated cigars of all time. The Opus X, the most sought after cigar ever created, is rolled with 100% Dominican tobacco. Dominican cigars tend to be on the mellow side, although the past 20 years have seen them expand into fuller bodied cigars. Brands such as Arturo Fuente, Montecristo, Macanudo, Romeo and Davidoff all hail from this tropical paradise.


 While the Dominican Republic ay have dominated the US during the boom years, these days Nicaragua has become a frontrunner. With so many different growing regions, each one producing different characteristics in their tobaccos, Nicaragua has risen over the past 10 years to be one of the leading growers of cigar tobacco. While many brands have been operating out of their for some time, such as Drew Estate and Padron, Nicaragua has been the birth place of a plethora of newer boutique brands. Check out lines such as Foundation, RoMa Craft, Dunbarton, AJ Fernandez and more.


 Honduras is the last of what we call "The Big 3". These are the three major nations growing cigar tobacco for the American market. The Honduran soil is very dark and produces a rich, robust tobacco. It is the birthplace of the modern day Corojo wrapper, being the first place those seeds were planted after they were smuggled out of Cuba. Cigars from Honduras are known for their strength, smoke, and earth and leather notes. Some popular Honduran brands include Camacho, CLE, Punch, and Alec Bradley.


 In the last decade or so, Ecuador has risen to being one of the worlds top growers of cigar wrapper tobacco. Its natural cloudy climate makes it ideal for growing mellow, Connecticut seed tobaccos. It has also developed a delicious Habano seed leaf. Almost every company has at least one cigar using tobacco from Ecuador, some of our favorites are the Oliva Serie V and the Montecristo White.


 Mexicos history with cigar tobacco have been up and down. For years, the Mexican crafted Te-Amo was one of the worlds best-selling brands. Then, Mexican tobacco faded slightly from the minds of aficionados. Today, they are making a big come back due to two factors. The first being the use of the Mexican San Andres maduro wrapper, which can be found on several major brands including My Father and The Crowned Heads. The second factor is the revitalization of the Casa Turrent brand which has garnered several 90+ ratings.


 Brazil has become the go to source for heavy, flavorful cigar wrapper tobacco. The CAO Brazilia started the trend, demonstrating the rich, earthy, peppery and smoky qualities of good Brazilian tobacco. That trend continues today with CAO releasing the Amazon series with Brazilian tobacco. Wrappers from Brazil can also be found on the Espinosa Laranja and several La flor Dominicana's.


 Some of the most important and widely used cigar tobacco is grown right here in the US. While Connecticut shade tobacco has been popular for decades ,the past few years have seen the rise of the Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper. Companies like Drew Estate have also explored other areas for cigar tobacco such as Kentucky for the Kentucky Fire Cured and Florida for the Florida Sun Grown.

POSTED ON Feb 28, 2018


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