The modern day cigar smoker is an amalgam of different personalities and styles. With the advent of the internet and the wealth of knowledge available to the average person, the cigar community has grown to more than just your typical, wealthy man. Companies such as Drew Estate, Tatuaje and Caldwell even aim their products at that certain young, hip, millennial demographic. However, for the fancy gentleman out there, there is no short of amazing cigars. If you wear a vest, cufflinks and prefer fine scotch over craft beer, this is the list for you. After months of rigorous testing, we have compiled a list of the top 5 cigars for the fine gentleman.

My Father

    Any aficionado would find themselves quite familiar with the My Father brand. Pepin Garcia and his family have become very prominent in the past decade, garnering several high ratings and being placed on the Top 25 Cigars of the Year list more times than I can remember. The original My Father release was crafted by Pepins son Jaime, in honor of this father. The cigar is as classy as they come, with a silky Habano wrapper and aged Nicaraguan filler, giving a smooth yet spicy profile. With its 90+ rating and its elegant wood box, the My Father will fit perfectly in your collection.

Montecristo #2

    What name carries more weight in the cigar community than Montecristo? It is the cigar of choice for the upper echelon, the elite. It is smooth, mellow and as well made a cigar you will ever find. It is hand crafted by the worlds finest cigar rollers, using aged Dominican tobaccos, and a smooth, flawless wrapper. The #2 torpedo is among the most well-known cigars in the world and can be found at every cigar bar and private club in the world.

Opus X Lost City

    The Opus X is known as the most sought after cigar in the world hands down. While in the current era, they have become slightly easier to find, there was a time when it was impossible to get your hands on this Fuente without some deep connections. Now, anyone who enjoys cigars has tried or heard of an Opus X, but the gentleman smoker may find themselves more drawn to this special edition. The Lost City is named after the Andy Garcia movie that filmed on location at the Fuente factory and has become even harder to find then the original. It is incredibly smooth, with a richer, nuttier profile then the original. The Lost City is a great, limited smoke to add to your collection.

Davidoff Millennium Series 

    When you think of Davidoff, you don't think of it as just a cigar company, you think of it as a lifestyle. It goes hand in hand with Bentley and Patek Phillipe. They are the cigars for the wealthy and the well connected. Their price may seem quite high, but when you smoke one you see where your money is going. Perfection is their only goal, and they come as close as anyone. The Millennium Serie is slightly stronger then their core line, but still maintains the signature smooth aroma. The ash is white and firm and the burn is flawless. If you want to smoke with the elite, there is almost no better option than Davidoff.

Padron Family Reserve 45 Year 

    There is no more storied cigar brand then Padron. They are the highest rated cigar company in the world and have been featured in the Top 10 Cigars of the year every year for over a decade. Among all of their lines, none has received more praise then the Family Reserve. These limited, yearly releases correspond to important dates in the history of the Padron family, including anniversary's and birthdays. The 45 Year was crafted to honor the 45th anniversary of the brand and uses a special blend of aged tobaccos to commemorate it. Each leaf is aged for at least 10 years, and it comes available in both a maduro and a natural. Both versions were named one of the best cigars of the year and were in the Top 2 in back to back years. This cigar epitomizes the gentleman: it is smooth, classy, modern yet traditional. It is everything you could want in a cigar and more.

POSTED ON Feb 20, 2018


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