Every occupation or hobby comes equipped with their trusty side arm. Every contractor has their hammer, every doctor has their stethoscope and every cigar smoker has their cutter. The cigar cutter has evolved to more of a useful piece of art then just some contraption you are forced to carry. Different designs, artwork and functionality has made the modern cigar cutter an integral part of the community. Let check out some of the coolest cigar cutters on the market.

                                                                               Colibri Quasar Desktop Cutter

2 years ago, Colibri teamed up with legendary humidor craftsman Daniel Marshal to create the Quasar humidor. This unique, futuristic humidor became a massive success, and Colibri wished to expand on their success. At the 2017 IPCPR, Colibri revealed their newest product, the Quasar desktop cutter. This beautiful, hefty cutter is crafted with the same unique body style as the humidor. It comes with both a straight cut and a v cut option. After cutting your cigar, you can then open the bottom tray to empty out all the cut ends of your cigars. This stunning cutter is perfect as an addition to any man cave or lounge.

                                                                                XIKAR VX2 V-CUT GUNMETAL

 No point in lying, I am a die hard Xikar fan. The only thing I found them lacking in was a great deep V cutter. That all changed this year with the release of the VX2. This stunning piece of equipment looks as good as it cuts. It provides a perfect, deep v-cut to your cigar, and it looks good doing it. While the Red seems to be a fan favorite, I can't get over how awesome the gun metal style looks.

                                                         COLIBRI V-CUT BLACK CARBON FIBER CIGAR CUTTER

 Speaking of awesome V-Cuts, take a look at the Colibri Carbon Fiber V. Colibri, in my mind, perfected the deep v cut, being one of the first to release this cutter with a deeper blade. A smooth cut that is sure to give you an absolutely perfect draw, this cutter has recently be redesigned using a carbon fiber body. This reinforced body strengthens the cutter as well as giving it an awesome, sparkly design. This is a perfect addition to any ones cutter collection.

                                                                                                   Xikar XO

 I don't think I have ever seen a cigar accessory get the kind of hype we saw with the XO. It doesn't give the cigar a unique cut, yet it is a unique cutter. Its round design and specially developed blades give this piece one of the sharpest and mist clean cuts I have ever seen. Its round style and visual gears give you an insight into the mechanics behind one of the most well made cutters in the world. I keep my XO on my at all times, as you should.

                                                                               XIKAR 3D MAYAN CIGAR CUTTER

 Have you ever seen a cutter like this before? The 3D Mayan is a heavy work of art that also cuts cigars, that's how I define it. While its cutting prowess is as effective as any Xikar cutter, it's the unique design that makes this something special. Its engraving uses Mayan artwork as its inspiration, and the 440 steel used in its blade is considered by some to be one of the sharpest in the world. I wouldn't classify this as an everyday cutter, but for the special occasion, there is none I would rather use.

POSTED ON Feb 23, 2018


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