Let's face it, not everyone can afford to stock their humidor with the most expensive releases. Sometimes, a larger price tag doesn't even quantitate into a better cigar. I have had amazing cigars that were $50 each and $5 each. It comes down to what you enjoy. Serious Cigars is known for its massive inventory and for having any cigar for every profile. If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, look no further then these 10 Best Value cigars.

                                                                                                  Flor de Oliva

 This is one of two Olivas that have made this list. Oliva is known as one of the most reliable premium cigars on the market. While the Oliva Serie V and the Melanio garner much of the attention due to their 90+ ratings, the Flor de Oliva are one of their best sellers. This bundled smoke combines Olivas signature quality and craftsmanship with affordability. These make a great everyday smoke for someone who can appreciate a solid Nicaraguan cigar.


 The Quorum is one of the best selling bundles on Serious Cigars. They are hand crafted in the new JC Newman Factory, built in the heart of Esteli, Nicaragua. These cigars have the quality of a Diamond Crown with the price of a bundled cigar. The Quorum comes available in a Sun grown wrapper, a shade grown wrapper and a maduro wrapper, so its dealers choice. The Quorum remains one of the best value cigars in the industry.

                                                                                        Curivari Buenaventura

 The Buenaventura is not only and affordable cigar, it also had the honor of being named to the Top 25 Cigars of the year. Curivari has done a great job establishing themselves as a premier company over the last few years. The Buenaventura is a full, Nicaraguan puro that is hand rolled with finely aged tobacco. After lighting up this 94 rated beauty, you wont believe they retail for just under $5 a cigar. Check out the entire Curivari line right here.

                                                                                                    Oliva O

 Oliva has yet again graced us with its presence, and for good reason. For under $5, you can smoke one a 90+ rated cigar from one of the most reputable companies on the market. The Oliva Serie O uses a sun grown Habano wrapper combined with some of Nicaragua's finest aged tobaccos. The result is a medium body, complex smoke that just about anyone could afford.

                                                                              PEREZ CARRILLO LA HISTORIA

 This goes to show you that you don't need a high price tag in order to have a high end, premium cigar. The EP Carrillo La Historia is the third smoke on the value cigar list that has been named to the Top 25 cigars of the year. This bold, rich smoke takes inspiration from Ernesto's own family, making it all the more special to him. A dark Mexican maduro wrapper cloaks Dominican tobaccos to create a complex smoke with notes of chocolate, spice and a dash of pepper. On top of that, they will only run you around $7 each, so quite the bargain.

                                                                                   Arturo Fuente 858 maduro

 The Serious Cigars team smokes countless cigars a day for reviews, articles and just to enjoy. The cigars vary day to day, except for our morning cigar. When we walk in, the cigar we most often reach for is the Arturo Fuente 858 maduro. It is mellow, smooth, rich and affordable. It is rolled at the famed Chaetau Fuente using Dominican filler and binder and a rich Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. It is the perfect morning cigar, especially with a rich and creamy cup of coffee. If you can start your morning perfectly for $5, would you?

                                                                                               Tatuaje Tattoo

 I'm sure you are just as surprised as we are that a Tatuaje ended up on this list. Especially since the box cost is around $270. However, did you know that that box comes with 50 cigars? If you are looking to stock up on a delicious Nicaraguan cigar for the long haul, you need to go with the Tattoo. It is spicy, rich bold and affordable. If you think 50 is too many to smoke right now, you can set some aside in your humidor, seeing as the oily wrapper allows them to age remarkably well.

                                                                                       Joya de Nicaragua Antano

 For many of us here at Serious cigars, and many cigar smokers in general, the Joya de Nicaragua was their first box purchase. It is one of the finest full bodied cigars on the market and set the stage for powerful, premium Nicaraguan smokes. In terms of legendary Nicaraguan cigars, Joya is right up there with Padron. The Antano is about as strong as them come, but with a smooth aroma and subtle flavor changes. The Consul size remains a fan favorite, and box of 20 still retails for $100, so get at it!

                                                                                                 Perdomo Fresco

 Nick Perdomo has the reputation as one of the most intelligent and reliable manufacturer in Nicaragua today. He uses advanced technology in the growing process and makes sure his cigars go throw multiple levels of quality control to ensure perfection. While the Perdomo Fresco may be one of his cheapest cigars in terms of price, it is immensely popular and an all-around great smoke. Like many of Nicks line, the Fresco cigars come in a sun grown, maduro, and natural version, giving you the option to find that perfect profile.


 The Uncharted may not be the most well known cigars, but it should be. This is a select, private label made by the legendary AJ Fernandez. In our opinion, it is one of the finest cigars to every come out of AJ's factory. It uses a special Ecuadorian Habano wrapper that is so oily, it glimmers in the sunlight. It has a wonderfully complex profile with notes of chocolate, spice, pepper and caramel. The beauty of these cigars is that they retail for under $90 a box. That is an everyday price for a special occasion cigar.

POSTED ON Feb 28, 2018


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