Since the dawn of time, which in the cigar world is about 250 years, these beautiful gems of tobacco have been categorized by their strength. For those of you who are relatively new to the cigar community, we need to make a quick distinction. Cigar strength and cigar flavor are two different concepts. The flavor profile are the different tastes your tongue experiences while smoking a cigar. The strength is the amount of nicotine in the cigar and the impact it has on you. While some full flavored cigars are often called full body, it is possibly to have a mellow cigar that still has lot of flavor too it. Full bodied cigars were created for the aficionado who wanted that extra power ad head rush. While full bodied cigars have been around for a number of years, it is only in the past few that their popularity has increased substantially. The list below, like all of our top 10 lists, is subjective and based upon a variety of factors including ratings, sales, and personal preference.

                                                                                            My Father Le Bijou

 Don Pepin is well known for creating some of the strongest cigars in Nicaragua, which certainly can be seen in this literal gem. The Le Bijou was created by Pepin as in honor of his late father and uses a particularly strong yet luxurious blend of tobaccos. It creates a wonderfully complex profile with strong dark chocolate notes along with a subtle yet apparent spice. The burn remains even from start to finish and the smoke output is one of the best you'll ever find. It is considered one of the finest cigars ever rolled in Nicaragua and was named the #1 cigar of the year in 2015 where it received a 97 rating. It is unusual for a cigar this strong to be ranked that high, but one puff from the Le Bijou and it makes sense.

                                                                                        Alec Bradley Prensado

 Honduran cigars are well known for their strength and dark earthy tones. Honduran tobacco is tricky to get right in a premium blend, and in our opinion only a few companies excel at using it. Alec Bradley is one of the best among them. With a solid resume of full body cigars including the Black Market and Tempus, Alec Bradley had established a reputation for making top of the line strong Hondurans. However, it was with the Prensado that they became legends among the industry. It is a tapestry of rich flavors including earth, leather and cedar, with a smooth creamy aroma. It is to date the only Honduran cigar ever named the #1 cigar of the year, and that is quite an accomplishment.

                                                                                               Padron 1964

 There are few Top 10 lists that don't include a Padron. For this particular selection, the Serious Cigar team chose the Padron 1964. While all of the Padrons, including the original line and Family Series can be classified as full body, it is the 1964 edition that combines its luxurious, elegant qualities with almost unbridled power. It is a Nicaraguan puro using only the finest aged tobaccos. Spice and pepper combines with hints of leather and cedar for a complex and refined profile. The Padron 1964 has been rated in the 90s for each one of its reviews, going back a decade. That kind of consistency is rare in a fuller bodied cigar and truly speaks to the quality and craftsmanship of the Padron brand.

                                                                                               Ashton VSG

 While the Ashton VSG wasn't necessarily the first full bodied cigar, it was the first to establish itself among the cigar elite. The Ashton VSG was one of the first so called super premiums. It garnered a high price but even higher ratings. It is rolled at the Fuente factory using aged Dominican tobaccos and a sun grown Ecuadorian wrapper. You would be hard pressed to find a better cigar that's equal parts strong and smooth. The Ashton VSG has been name dot the Top 25 list several times and continues be among the world's highest rated cigars. They are a regular rotation for the Serious cigars team and will remain so for many years to come.

                                                                                          Liga Privada No.9

 For years, Drew Estate was seen as king of the infused cigars. Some viewed them as little more then a fad, with their punk graffiti artwork and ridiculous names. However, Jonathan Drew and his team have proven that they are a forced to be reckoned with. They not only have an almost monopoly on high end infused cigars, they are responsible for one of the best full bodied cigars ever created. With Jonathan leading the creative team, Steve Saka presiding over the business and Nick Melillo in the blend lab, they came together and created the Liga Privada No.9. This Broadleaf wrapped beauty is rich in chocolate and packed with notes of black pepper. It has appeared on several best of lists and was responsible for the resurgence in broadleaf tobacco. Liga Privada took Drew Estate from great cigar company to industry legend almost overnight.

                                                                            RoMaCraft CroMagnon Aquitaine

 Many popular, boutique cigar companies garner dedicated fan bases. Fuente, Drew Estate, and Tatuaje have legions of followers who will buy each limited edition and travel to attend as many events as possible. These followings were built up over the course of many years, yet with RoMa Craft the following seems to have sprung up overnight. The Weasels as the call themselves are dedicated to the brand and rightfully so. Take The CroMagnon Aquitaine for example. It is a powerhouse with zesty Nicaraguan tobaccos and a luscious Ecuadorian wrapper. Join the Weasels and indulge your sense with the powerful RoMa craft CroMagnon Aquitaine.

                                                                       Davidoff Winston Churchill Late Hour

 We have always been big Davidoff fans here at Serious Cigars. Even their more mellow lines have always been full flavored and the white label Winston Churchill was as fantastic a cigar as you could ask for. It was promised that the Winston Churchill Late Hour would be the strongest Davidoff released yet, and they delivered. It was actually surprising how strong this cigar was, yet it was still able to maintain the signature luxurious smoothness that has come to define the Davidoff name. It is expertly crafted with Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos followed by a dark San Andres binder and a lush Ecuadorian wrapper. Each puff delivers intense notes of espresso, dark chocolate, leather and spice. The smoke output is intense, so make sure to smoke this in an open room.

                                                                                  Foundation Tabernacle

 Nick Melillo has established himself as one of the finest blenders to ever come out of the US. Born and raised in Connecticut, Nick grew up around Connecticut tobacco. He took that knowledge with him to Drew Estate where he developed the Liga Privada No.9 which utilizes Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco. When he ventured out on his own and created Foundation Cigars, we were waiting eagerly for his first Broadleaf release. With the Tabernacle, we got to experience Nick at his most pure. It is a solid full body cigar using only select Nicaraguan tobaccos. Its broadleaf wrapper is pristine and burns even all the way down. In terms of flavor, construction and craftsmanship, this is one of the finest full body cigars we've had the pleasure of trying.

                                                                        La Flor Dominican Double Ligero

 La Flor Dominican is the renowned king of full body Dominican cigars. Each blend delivers something different in terms of profile, but there are two qualities that never change. They are strong and they are good. That sounds like an oversimplification, but its true. A fan favorite of the Serious cigars team is the Double Ligero. Ligero, as many of you know, is the top of the cigar plant. By being exposed to the most sunlight, it gives ligero added oils and power. The Double Ligero uses this tobacco for the filler and the binder, creating a symphony of full bodied flavor. This is what we classify as a sit down cigar, so tread lightly.

                                                                                        Oliva V Melanio

 When first lighting up a Serie V Melanio, you may notice it is not as strong as the regular V. However, as you inch towards the middle of the cigar, the strength hits you out of nowhere. However, even as the strength increases, the profile doesn't become harsher or brasher in anyway. You just begin to feel the power while enjoying the pleasant notes of spice, pepper and nuts. One of the highest rated Olivas ever created and a #1 Cigar of the year, so you know it's a must have.

POSTED ON Mar 05, 2018


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