Since the Cuban Embargo, no country has had as much impact on the cigar industry as the Dominican Republic. It was the destination of choice for many former manufacturers and roller fleeing the Cuban regime and remains the country with the most best-selling cigars in the United States. Narrowing it down to the top 10 best was not an easy task, and like any other Top list is subjective. As with our other Top lists the cigars were ranked by combining how well they sell, customer ratings, publication reviews and personal preference. Let us know which Dominican cigars you felt should have made the list

                                                                                              Opus X Lost City

    If the Opus X is the Rolls Royce of the cigar world, then the Lost City is the 1967 Mustang Shelby GT 500. It is more powerful, yet refined and exceedingly rare. Named after the Andy Garcia movie that was shot on location a t Chateau Fuente, the Lost City is crafted with a special crop of tobacco that was grown off season. Its dark wrapper adds a richer, raisin taste to it. It doesn't have the unbridle popularity as the original Opus X, but is just as luxurious and in some peoples minds even more flavor. This rare gem received a 93 rating from Cigar Aficionado and is available right here at Serious Cigars.

                                                                             La Flor Dominican Double Ligero Chisel

 The Double Ligero Chisel is the perfect combination of unhinged power, luxury and originality. Its unique shape has turned it into a fan favorite, especially considering it offers a particularly beautiful draw. It comes available in two different wrappers, both of which were named in the Top 25 cigars of the year. The maduro is a favorite of us here at Serious Cigars due to its oily exterior, rich flavor and ungodly amount of smoke. This is definitely a sit down and relax cigar.

                                                                                               Montecristo Classic

 There is not a more well-known cigar brand in the world then Montecristo. Following the embargo, the Dominican version has established itself as the cigar of choice for the upper echelon. The Montecristo Classic is smooth, elegant and flavorful. It amongst the best-selling cigars in the country and can be found on every cigar shops shelves. The Montecristo Classic was given a 91 rating by Cigar Aficionado and is available every day at Serious Cigars.

                                                                                                 Ashton Symmetry

 This one may cause a bit of controversy because there is some Nicaraguan filler tobacco in there. However, this cigar uses Dominican fillers, a Dominican binder, is rolled in a Dominican factory by one of the biggest Dominican manufacturers. The Ashton Symmetry was hailed as one of the best cigars of the year before it was even released. Its ratings are consistently in the mid to high 90s and was name don the 2017 Top 25 list at #6. This 96 rated beauty combines a dash of Nicaraguan flavor, with the signature Ashton smoothness and elegance.

                                                                                             La Gloria Cubana Serie R

 Who here hasn't had a La Gloria Serie R. Along with the Partagas Black, they are among the most popular full bodied Dominican cigars ever created. They are power incarnate. This is a great starter for the new smoker who wants to try something with a little kick to it. It has pepper, sweetness and a rich nutty undertone. Cigar Aficionado saw fit to give this a 92 rating and it is one of our best-selling cigars, so even more reason to try it.

                                                                                             Davidoff Winston Churchill

 Deciding which Davidoff would make the list was quite tricky. The team at Serious Cigars has yet to smoke a bad one. Being as they are among the elite of the cigar industry, their price makes them harder for the general populace to buy. However, the Winston Churchill has become one of their top sellers and a fan favorite. They are one of the stronger Davidoff releases, yet still maintain a medium to full body. Hints of nuts, leather, a dash of spice and a little vanilla create a complex profile that anyone would love. The Davidoff Winston Churchill received a 90 rating from Cigar Aficionado and a 91 from Halfwheel.

                                                                                                    La Palina Classic

 While La Palinas origins begin in the early 20th century, it is their revitalization over the past few years that have made them into a top selling Dominican smoke. The La Palina Classic line is simply a great cigar. There is no gimmick or crazy back story, just finely aged tobacco aged properly and rolled superbly. With a 91 rating from Cigar Aficionado and a spot on our best-selling cigar list, there is no reason to not smoke the La Palina Classic.

                                                                                                     Headley Grange

 When the team at The Crowned Heads was looking to develop a new blend, they said they wanted a cigar that tastes like the drum solo from the famed Led Zeppelin song "When the Levees Break". After working with EP Carrillo and finding their perfect blend, they named it Headley Grange, after the recording studio the band used to record their most famous hits. It remains not only one of their best-selling cigars, but one of their highest rated, garnering a 90 rating from Cigar Aficionado and a 90 from Halfwheel.

                                                                                            Joel Sherman 75th Anniversary

 Nat Sherman has always been known for their reliability and solid blends. Recently, however, they have been experimenting with new sizes and new tobacco varieties. This has lead to a revitalization of the brand and several new cigars with 90+ ratings. The Joel Sherman 75th Anniversary was rolled to commemorate the origins of the brand. This long, lancer size uses special aged Dominican tobaccos along with a stunning Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. This blend keeps it mellow to medium but complex. HalfWheel saw fit to give this illustrious smoke a much deserved 90 rating.

                                                                                                           Hit and Run

 This is not only one of the most hyped cigars of 2017, but also one of its best. The Hit and Run saw the return of Matt Booth to the cigar industry, teaming up with his dear friend Robert Caldwell. The Hit and Run combines smooth nutty flavor with a zesty and juicy wrapper. It received an 88 rating from Halfwheel and was named on several Best of the Year lists. If this is what we can expect from a Booth Caldwell collaboration, Serious Cigars is very excited.

POSTED ON Feb 28, 2018


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