There is a new dawn in the cigar industry. With the advent of the internet, information gathering by the general public is at an all-time high. Cigar smokers now know the blends and the process and the story behind each cigar they smoke. Long gone are the days where you can throw together a cigar, sell it for cheap, and make a lot of money. Customers today yearn for something new, something original. This is where the newest generation of cigar manufacturers will play a pivotal role. With the FDA regulations looming, new is going to be a relative term. The newest companies are already 3-4 years old, but when compared to manufacturers like Altadis, General, or Fuente, who have been crafting premium cigars for almost 50 years, these new companies are still in their infancy.

When looking at these companies, I’d like to start with Nick Melillo and Foundation Cigars. Nick is an old soul, even though he dresses like a college bro. This is not an insult, but a compliment. Nick has mastered the cigar making process, from cultivating and purchasing the correct tobaccos, to the aging process and then turning them into new and innovative blends. He has a marketing strategy that has every cigar fan boy pining for his newest releases. Nick is not a passing trend, but a pillar of the new generation of cigar manufacturers that should be taken seriously. Each of his major releases including the Tabernacle, El Gueguense and El Gueguense Maduro were each named to Top 10 lists in their respective release years. Serious Cigars is very excited to provide you with Foundation Cigars and we look forward to whatever new projects Nick has planned.

Next, we have the great Steve Saka and his newest venture, Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust. Steve has the benefit of experience at the highest levels of the cigar industry. He was an innovator in the use of online cigar forums back in the 1990s, when the internet was just getting its start among the populace. He was an executive consultant to Lew Rothman, the preeminent cigar retailer during the boom. He was then named President of Drew Estate and helped take that company from is fun quirky origins to one of the largest premium cigar manufacturers in the world. Steve is a seasoned cigar veteran, and his releases over the past 3 years show this. Sobremesa, Mi Querida, and most recently Todos Las Dias were all massive hits with the cigar community. He is also skillful in the art of the small batch limited cigar, such as the Muestra de Saka, and the old fashioned budget smoke like the Umbagog. If you want an idea of where the industry is heading, take a good look at Steve Saka.

This next choice may seem an unusual and many will feel it should have been included on my previous list. The Plasencia family is the most knowledgeable tobacco families in the world. Nestor Plasencia Sr. was born into a tobacco framing family in Cuba in the pre revolution days. Following their emigration out of the country, Nestor and his family continued to grow and cultivate cigar tobacco in Honduras and Nicaragua. During the cigar boom, they became well known in the industry for creating masterful blends, however they were mostly for other companies. Anytime a newer manufacturer needed the expertise and strategy of a seasoned cigar maker, they would go to Plasencia. In 2016, Nestor and his sons developed one of their first name brands. While they have had cigars with their name on it before, they were mostly unknown to the general public. With the release of the Plasencia Alma Fuerte, this company skyrocketed to the top of almost every Top 10 list. It was a new Plasencia, bold and edgy with a modern twist but using age old techniques. This demonstrated Plasencias ability to adapt to the new market, without sacrificing the knowledge and traditions that had got them to this point. The follow up, the Alma de Campo, is garnering rave reviews as we speak. This is a new Plasencia company, one that will capture the hearts and minds of cigar smokers everywhere.

At Serious Cigars, we pride ourselves on our selection. We will always carry the staples, the Montecristo Whites and the Macanudos and Partagas. These cigars have weathered the test of time and will always be favorites among the premium cigar community. However, we are also looking to the future. Serious Cigars will always be the place where you can find the newest brands at the best prices.

POSTED ON Jan 12, 2018


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