The past year, the cigar industry has seen its fair share of hardships. The FDA regulations have many people confused and has all but stopped new companies from entering the market place. The industry was also dealt three serious blows since last summer. In July of 2016 we lost the great Don Carlos Fuente, founder and patriarch of the Fuente Cigar company. This March saw the loss of renowned manufacturer and musician Avo Uvezian. Then this December, both Jose Padron and Gilberto Oliva passed on, within two weeks of each other. These men were on the Mount Rushmore of the cigar world. They were innovators, creators, masters of their craft. However, the cigar industry has always been resilient and must look to a newer brighter future. Let us see who we have to lead us into the next generation

In terms of the companies mentioned above, it is safe to say they are in good hands. While Carlos Fuente built the company up from nothing and was instrumental in developing there entire business plan, his son Carlito has played a major role for decades. It was Carlito who developed the legendary Opus X line which has become the most sought after cigar in the entire world. Carlito has become an expert in marketing and releasing desirable small batch products while maintain the quality of their general releases.

Fans of Padron also have nothing to fear. Jose’s son, Jorge, has been the leader of the company in all but name for quite a while. While his father was always diligent, even in his final years, Jorge has lead the company to new heights. He is become a master of aged tobaccos and quality control, ensuring each cigar coming out of their factory is flawless. He is also responsible for releasing the Family Reserve lines, which have become the highest rated line of cigars ever released in Nicaragua. Padron will remain at the top of the premium cigar industry for years to come.

Oliva seems to have just hit its stride in the past few years. The Oliva V and V Melanio have been rated in the Top 25 more times then I can remember. Their Nub and Nub Café lines are popular among that the younger demographic, while the Master Series and O lines have become staples for the seasoned smokers. The Oliva family, now run by the four Oliva siblings, have a business strategy in place that will continue to expand their products into humidors around the world.

Now, we have to look towards newer companies. The established fan bases of Fuente, Padron and Oliva will always remain and they will continue to produce fine products. Yet, it is the emerging boutique companies, that many may view as a fad or trend, that really hold the industry in the palm of its hand. Serious cigars has always stocked the newest hottest brands, but we have never forgotten these titans of industry. Padron, Fuente, and Oliva will always be a staple of our business and we are proud to be working with the new regime and are excited to see what the future holds.

POSTED ON Jan 12, 2018


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