The team here at Serious Cigars are open to all tobacco types. There is no wrapper variety or country that we would turn away, in fact some of our favorites are rolled with tobaccos we would usually stay away from. That being said, we all tend to lean towards one wrapper if we HAD to choose only one, and there is one company that really does it the best. That wrapper is the Connecticut broadleaf. Its rich robust flavor and notes of sweetness just really hits us in the right spot. While there are several companies with top notch broadleaf cigars such as Drew Estate, Dunbarton and Foundation, for some reason we always end up with a Tatuaje. From the monster series to the highly coveted Pork Tenderloin, a Tatuaje Broadleaf is just magic.

 So when they released their Reserva Broadleaf line, we were ecstatic. This is one of our favorite general releases from the company, who is typically known for their limited editions and seasonal blends. They are hand rolled with aged Nicaraguan tobacco straight from Don Pepin Garicia and the My Father team. They are then cloaked with that majestic Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper, adding in wonderful notes of chocolate, coffee, sweetness and nuts.

 While the Reserva Broadleaf are available in a number of sizes we do have our favorites, as everyone does. The Noellas are a wonderful short smoke that packs a lot of flavor and a lot of smoke. If you are looking for a long relaxing after dinner cigar, you should definitely check out the Tainos, which takes its name from the tribe that once occupied Cuba and where many of the best Cuban cigars take their inspiration.

 Check out the full line of the Tatuaje Reserva Broadleaf right here at Serious Cigars.

POSTED ON Jul 17, 2018


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