If you have smoked a Cuban cigar prior to 2015, chances are you smoked a cigar rolled by the great Hamlet Paredes. Hamlet was considered by many to be Cubas finest cigar roller. His superiors even sent him to various tobacconists around the world to showcase his immense talent. He became particularly well known for rolling his cigars free had, with out the use of molds or presses. In 2015, Cuban immigration policies into the US began to ease up, and Hamlet was finally allowed to move with his family to the US. Practically before he landed, he reached out to Rocky Patel and began what has been one of the most impressive partnerships in recent years.

    Hamlets first cigar created with Rocky turned out to be a 90+ rated masterpiece. It is known as the Tabaquero, or Tobacconist, and it is a homage to Hamlet’s signature Cuban style. It is hand rolled at Rockys legendary TaviCusa factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. It uses aged Nicaraguan filler tobaccos followed by a Mexican and Brazilian binder. The finishing touch is a luscious Mexican San Andres wrapper. The combination of spice and leather from the filler combines beautifully with the rich, maduro wrapper to form a complex and bold profile.

 You would be hard pressed to find a more finely rolled cigar then the Tabaquero. Hamlet takes his years of experience in the worlds most famous cigar business and brings it to one of the biggest manufactures in the US. Enjoy the full range of cigars from Hamlet right here at Serious Cigars.

POSTED ON Aug 10, 2018


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